Allo Reclocker, DAC & Amp for Raspberry Pi

(Mar Jez) #21

OK, got you.

Many thanks for warning - and indeed french is not ‘linugua latina’ nowadays :slight_smile: They could at least translate the basic description into english - I am using google translator but the translation is rather poor.


(Andrew Cox) #22

Thanks very much for your informative reviews Janis.

I know it’s a different price point, but I would be very interested to hear if the UpTone UltraCap LPS-1 made a difference powering these devices, especially the Allo Piano DAC.

(Mr Fix It) #23

Is there anyone on the forum here from Allo - Just had a communication by phone with them in India - seem like accommodating guys but not sure if they are represented here…if not I will pass them a link and get them in here.


I should receive an lps1 shortly and will try it on a Rpi2 with the Kali reclocker and report back. Sorry, don’t have the Piano DAC.

(Bor Greiner) #25

Not to be party pooper on purpose here, but this LPS-1 has a 400 EUR price tag, right?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #26

Yup. As interesting as this Allo stuff may be – it gets into Mojo territory quickly.

Still – I like these accounts of ‘higher-end’ Pi experiments a lot. Keep 'm coming, @Janis et al!

(Andrew Cox) #27

Shouldn’t be €400, it’s USD $380 from UpTone (ex shipping). A different price point as I say. Really mainly interested in Janis’s views about it rather than a serious suggestion for a Pi based device. Paired with an mR the LPS-1 is very dynamic.

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #28

Hi to all.
I am Andre from ALLO.
in case any of you have questions about our hardware, i will assist gladly.
Also, if any of you are interested in purchasing our hardware, i would like to offer a limited time discount.
PM me for further info.


(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #29

About the discount code for ROON members, I need to reach a certain level to post in the sales and trade section…

(Mr Fix It) #30

Andre welcome…nice to see you guys represented.

@support maybe we can get a Category for Allo like we have for IQAudio if its not too premature. I’m sure with the Kali Reclocker and Piano DACs there will be some interest generated.

Getting another option for good audio on the SBC platforms is good for everyone.


Hi Andre, @ALLO_audio_boards,

That’s been sorted, let @support or myself know via PM if you have any issues posting.

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #32

thank you @Carl for the great welcome.
Sales& Trade topic has been created!
I am ready to assist with all i can.
a category for ALLO hardware would be nice indeed, i will make sure to be present daily and act as a liaison with engineers if required.

(Dusko Cerovec) #33

What is your opinion about sound differences between piano DAC 2.0 vs. 2.1 (in 2.0 mode).
I’m owner of Kali + Piano 2.0 and is nice sounding couple. Is it Piano 2.1 better (in pure stereo mode with one chip per channel).


(Mr Fix It) #34

For memory it’s one chip for the top outputs and one for the bass/sub outs

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #35

hi guys,

So this is what we mention on our site

Piano can work as a 2.0 (all frequencies are passed to LR) as a 2.2 (xover frequency is chosen in GUI) and subwoofer has 2 outputs or as a 2.1 (same as 2.2 but subwoofer is mono).

2.0 mode all frequency passes through 1st chip , 2nd Chip muted
2.1 mode - 1st chip act as high pass filter , passes L&R audio out. 2nd Chip act as low pass filter , subwoofer mono mode. no output on subwoofer right.
2.1 and 2.2 uses 2 chips.

So best sound quality comes form 2.1 and 2.2 (compared to 2.0)


(Janis) #36


I didn’t really test high/low pass filtering done in Allo Piano 2.1, as driver wasn’t available (not sure it this is developed by now, but guys should be working on it) in DietPi. Other distributions proposed by Allo with Piano 2.1 driver are not functional solutions for Roon.

However, I already shared my test results on basic Allo Piano vs. Allo Piano 2.1.

The chips are different and Allo Piano 2.1 in even full range 2.0 mode it is much better sounding than basic Allo Piano.

So this this question: “Is it Piano 2.1 better (in pure stereo mode with one chip per channel).” - answer is YES


(Dusko Cerovec) #37

Hm… tempting. But, Piano 2.1 ss about 75$ (with shipping) . I also doubt that I can sell my current Piano 2.0.

(Mr Fix It) #38

@ALLO_audio_boards Andre, someone in another thread here was asking about mono full range DAC outputs (he is deaf in one ear) maybe this can also be a consideration if its doable for the sub outs too.

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #39

Hi Dusko,
so we have 2 products.

PIANO (2 RCA, no subwoofer)
PIANO 2.1 (4 RCA which works in 3 modes 2.0/2.1/2.2)

so you have a PIANO and considering a PIANO 2.1.
there is already a 10% coupon code I offered ROON members… and maybe we can sell your PIANO here, not everyone has subwoofer and the PIANO has the headphone jack!

let me know!

(Janis) #40

While Piano 2.1 has somehow better DAC chip and audio quality, the Piano basic has intergrated very high quality headphone AMP.

I love and use them both.

Actually my personal ideal product would be Piano DAC with chip as in 2.1, headphone AMP, and no xover for sub.

Honestly, I don’t see much need for xover to be done in DAC.