Allo USBridge board

Got the USBridge and Sparky SBC today. Came with Dietpi software. I went to the Dietpi website and downloaded the dietpi.txt for Roon Endpoint. Connected DAC (Dragonfly Red) to the USbridge, Ethernet cable and power to the Sparky Board. Power LEDs come on. Red light on the Sparky board flashes on and off but nothing happens. With eMMC connected, I get power to the DAC but Ethernet light doesn’t flash, suggesting it’s not being powered. With microSD card connected, and eMMC disconnected, Ethernet comes on but there is no power to the DAC. . I’m powering the unit with a iFi ipower 5vDc, which should be adequate power.

Seems like either a software problem (fixable) or a hardware problem (defective unit). I hope someone from is reading this topic and will respond.

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eMMC is already flashed with the latest software. You don’t need to download anything. It should work straight out of the box.

Hi Johan, is there a rough ETA on this?

As my detailed post, above, shows I only copied the dietpi.txt for the eMMC. I didn’t flash anything. However, that did not work. So, I flashed the image from the Dietpi website for the Sparky SBC on to a microSD and saved the dietpi.txt from their website to configure the microSD card for Roon Bridge (or Roon Endpoint). That didn’t work either. My impression is that either the Sparky SBC or the USBridge or both are defective. I will email for replacement boards.

I don’t understand you saying you “downloaded the dietpi.txt for Roon Endpoint” or “saved the dietpi.txt from their website to configure the microSD card for Roon Bridge (or Roon Endpoint)”. This sounds very wrong to me. Are you sure you are doing this right?

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No worries Sucheta , we will send you a replacement. Also we will add a step by step manual on the website on how to use Usbridge .

ALU cases are expected by next week …this is the 3 time. First 2 were rejected because the tolerance were not up to (our) standard.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I look forward to getting the replacement boards as soon as possible.

When the Aluminium case is available on your website, I’ll place an order.

Is this for DigiOne ALU case also? My question got moved from DigiOne thread to USBridge thread

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I have to compliemt allo as a company to deal with. They answered all my email queries promptly and when I needed some spaces they sent them on FOC.

I’ll certainly try out the new bridge products when the case is released.


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Great ! I’m really interested on USBridge but not with current acrylic case.

Any ETA for ALU case ?

Not yet. Sorry but the manufacturer is taking its time.

Hi johan,

Does the USBridge board get powered directly by the external PSU?

Or does it get powered via the Spark’s switching regulator?

Can you share more info on the power supply and voltage regulation


There are 3 ways to power the USBridge

  1. Power the USBridge (and from same PSU it will power Sparky) on DC jack (we filter the DC using comming mode chokes + low pass filters between boards)
  2. Power Sparky (and from same PSU it will power USBridge) on MiniUSB (same as above)
  3. Power the SBC and USBridge with 2 PSU isolated (and then only ground is shared… still ground is filtered)

Hi Johan,
Which way is your recommandation for best SQ (less noisy) ?

Theoretically 2 PSUs will be best.

I am using one PSU (ifi) connected to Usbridge and sound is very good.

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Thank you Johan.
Do you get some measurements comparing PSU ?

And other question,
USBridge is currently “out of stock” on your web site, any info when available again ?

Is there any modification required to the boards to use 2 PSU’s?

Need to break a pin or remove a resistor?

No , we made it easy, just remove a jumper

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Nice :slight_smile: