Allow copying of titles to the clipboard

I realize there are copyright issues in copying written text but it should be allowable to copy the title or other “meta” information to the clipboard so one could paste it into a search engine for more information.

For example:

There is a workaround for this, although I admit it should be possible to ‘just’.select and copy any text.

Yes, I’m aware of the workaround…nevertheless…

Because its rendered via a graphics engine it can’t be copied, would need a coding change for the page.

Not sure what platform you’re on, but I use TextSniper on a Mac which can place text onto the clipboard from a screen grab. There are probably equivalent apps for other platforms.

Nice — I’m going to get that for my wife - she loves getting recipes and many of them are graphics.

But it’s still a workaround and yeah, if the underlying page is generated as an image, that’s going to be a headache to fix.

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