Allow Roon’s editor to update my Music File

Roon has a policy of not applying user edits to user files. I want an option for the Roon editor to update my personal music files. I have twice come to Roon, leaving the first time after a disastrous transfer of my music. I subsequently learned the reason is because my metadata is in a proprietary form of WAV via Naim and the reason the transfer was so disastrous was because Roon is not able to interpret my metadata. I have now come to Roon a second time, knowing I will need to to re-edit virtually every single record of my 3 tb collection. And learning that any editing I decide to do will not be applied to my personal music library. If I should decide to leave Roon, however unlikely that may be, I will be in a similar situation in that my music files will continue to be unreadable and any editing I will have done not transferable. That is just not a desirable situation. If Roon can read my music file, it ought to be able to update it.

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Because the tools are so awful I don’t think many people edit files in roon. If I remember your previous threads the reccomendations were to use 3rd party tools not roon. So the files are correct outside of roon.

I suspect the non invasive bit is a policy so unlikely to be changed.

There are plenty of 3rd party apps around, eg MP3Tag which I’d free, TagScanner etc

Did you ever convert your WAV’s to FLAC you get a much richer metadata environment, custom tags etc

Roon makes a point of not touching your files. The editing you should be doing is to the files themselves with a dedicated editor, imho, because it probably won’t only be Roon that has the issue of reading those files. And if you are going to do the work, then you want to make sure that you will not have to do it again.

I would (and did for my own collection) convert all the WAV to FLAC and then tagged them with MP3Tag. There are other taggers now that might be better, but, that is what I used 10 years ago when I did it.

I am all too aware that Roon makes a point of not touching my files. What is the reason for such a rigid position? Why can’t there be a simple flag in the editor which allows Roon to “touch” my files?

I need an editor/tagger that works on my iPad. I have two spinal nerve injuries from medical procedures that make sitting extremely painful. Roon may not be the greatest editor, but it has an app that I can use lying down. If someone can direct me to an iOS app, I will withdraw my request.

So far as I know there is no way to convert my files to FLAC. There is no program that can read my Naim version of WAV. Nor does Naim have a procedure for converting WAV files generated by the Naim Uniti Core which is the product that I own.

Mp3tag is on the iPad


Did SongKong work for you?
While I don’t believe it will run on an iPad, it will should do all the tagging in one batch so your time at the computer would be minimal.

SongKong is able to interpret the WAV format out of the Uniti Serve. It is not able to interpret the unique WAV format used by Naim for the Uniti Core. I have corresponded with Paul Taylor of SongKong on this matter and he has suggested that he will do this, and of course I MOST DEFINITELY want him to, but it would surprise me if he did this because I think the audience of Uniti Core owners that want to move out of Naim, like myself, is small, while the programming effort will be significant. He will want some ROI for his effort.

Try Yate for Mac. $20. Very comprehensive, a bit scary, but very friendly and helpful proprieter. I can’t imagine it not being able to perform some audio tagging job.

Based on 3 years of hanging around Roon, I would bet large sums of money and give odds that Roon will not get into the business of changing user files.

The tool needs to be on iPad.

Arrgh! My bad.

I have been looking into this suggestion (thanks :), but I can’t seem to figure out how to edit anything. My first impression is to groan because I won’t have much to work with, no album covers, no correct titles, etc. I will have to go back and forth between this file and the Roon Version, or the Naim version, or maybe both. on each entry to identify which file it is. Not so easy without an album cover and with many similar albums. For example, I have at least six versions of Madame Butterfly.

Do I need the pro version?

I’d dump the naim wav files and rerip everything, it would be shorter in the long run.

As to versions I don’t know enough about mp3tag to know. My suspicion is that the sh*t job that naim did means that nothing will work.

It has been suggested…

A cheap laptop would be better, ergonomically, than an iPad.

A laptop will also give you access to a wider range of programs.

I’ve thought about and rejected it because it would involve way too much sitting. I will give the Naim Uniti Core top credit for two things, it’s ripping amd editing capability. And it’s audio quality. Streaming music via Naim is superior to streaming via Roon Nucleus; but I digress.

I have ripped CD’s with dbPowerAmp and it is far less convenient. I can’t imagine doing it all over again.

I’ve thought about that too. A laptop or the Surface Pro. I actually bought a Surface Pro and returned it. It didn’t compete well with the iPad two years ago. I think it has a newer version available, but it wasn’t as easy to use at all. And where to try it now that the Microsoft store has closed in my area.

The laptop is even less friendly to use in a semi lying down position.

Can you stand? If yes, a standing desk would be your best option to use all the tools you need to use.

Alas, not much longer than I can sit.

Got any teenage relatives or neighbours that want to earn :moneybag: jockeying your burner? :slight_smile: