(Almost) Successful Roon Installation on Synology NAS

Greetings. I installed Roon on an SSD in the fifth bay of my Synology 1513+ last weekend. I am pleased with the result and am enjoying the free trial, and have only two issues, which I have seen referred to elsewhere but for which there doesn’t seem an easy solution for a tech novice. First, I have a handful of AAC files in my 4,600 track library, and they don’t play. All the lossless ones do, and I can live without the others, but is there any solution here other than going back and re-ripping from the CDs? Second, I can’t remotely connect in the Roon app via iPhone or iMac from my car or office. Short of VPN is there a fix here? Many thanks for any guidance on these basic questions.

So two pieces of guidance:

  1. I don’t know if you had to install ffmpeg package when you installed on your Synology, but I’m guessing the codecs came as part of the distro. You’ll need to find out how to install ffmpeg on your Synology. The thread below may be relevant:
  1. you just can’t play remotely. That’s not part of what Roon currently offers. They’ve said it’s a “someday” project, and they’ve said that for years and years, and they never give guidance on when that might be. Work on a VPN if you like but it’s not supported, and many have wasted years trying to get it to work. I personally think better to stick with another solution.

Appreciate the reply. I’m going to let sleeping dogs lie on both, as the system is otherwise working very satisfactorily. Thanks.

Best idea ever. Futzing about with systems that were basically working has caused me more pain than I can say. Enjoy!

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