Installing ROONServer on Synology DS918+ with DSM7 (41890)


I am a new user of ROON and want to install RoonServer on my Synology DS918+ NAS (with
DSM 7-41890), but to no avail. I can’t find a Synology SPK file of Roon 1.8 (summer update, build 806) for Synology anywhere. The only downloadsite I’ve found: returns an apparently corrupt file of only 468kb size.
I know there are compatibility issues between Roon and DSM, but while searching for information I lost track a bit
ROON Support refers me to the Roon Community Forum and especially to Forum user Christopher Rieke

Can Christopher or anybody else tell me what the current status is, when the problems will be solved and where can I download a working file for my NAS?

Kind regards,

Hi @jdre
I have just uploaded the new DSM7 beta installer:


After 2 weeks of running smoothly on my Synology NAS DS918+ (DSM 7), a strange problem has suddenly started today.
Everything seems normal, however there is no sound from my Roon Ready NAD T778. The ROON app shows the album I have selected, all the associated data is available (including lyrics). The T778 icon at the bottom right shows that sound is being transmitted, but the speakers remain dead silent…
A ROON problem/setting or BluOs problem?
My T778 works flawlessly on other BluOs components.

Another addition:
I saw in the ROON app that the tracks of the album after a few seconds automatically jump to the next track

Hi @jdre,
have you copied the amd64 version of ffmpeg from johnvansickle’s page to the RoonOnNAS/bin folder?
(It’s just my first guess, when I read jump to the next track…).

Hi @crieke, thanks.
There are a lot of files on that page, which one do I need? Are they ready for use or zipped?
But I still wondering why I had no problems for 14 days and now all of a sudden without any change in the configurations this problem occurs.

You’ll only need the ffmpeg file after extracting the archive and copy it in the RoonOnNAS/bin folder. Then restart Roon server in the package Center.

In addition to that, I am wondering: did you use your current Roon database already with Roon Server on DSM6?

Hi Christopher (@crieke), thanks.
I’ve been looking for some other solutions in the meantime. I uninstalled and reinstalled Roon on my NAS without success. Then I reinstalled BluOs on my NAD T778. To my surprise and delight, this was the solution. ROON works as before again.
Is it still important that I install the ffmpeg file?
To answer your question, no I didn’t have Roon Server on DSM6. The first install was on DSM 7.

To my knowledge, you might have issues with files and streams, that are encoded in aac (maybe others audio codecs as well) when using the system ffmpeg (of your DSM7).

My DS918+ has cpu at 3% when not running RoonServer.
Starting RoonServer adds at least 25% cpu.

It was less with DSM 6.2. Have you the same behavior since DSM 7?

Edit: uninstalled RoonServer package and installed again with Chris’ latest package. Now CPU is idling between 3% and 9% :+1:

Thanks, I’ll keep in mind when problems with audio codecs occur

Hi guys,
my Synology NAS 918+ is not be able to hibernate after roon installation anymore. Is this update fixing this please?