Already signed in, had to do restore, can this be avoided?

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Hello, when I try to connect to roon core it say I am already signed in and does not want to connect to the available running core. Found some topics here online which suggest I need to login and unauthorize the other instance.
So I did but now I need to reconfigure everything!?

Is there a way to get back to previous state (backup?) and how do I prevent this next time.


Edit: well it seems unable to show anything and I can not get my music folders to show up, so I will try a restore. Very annoying this.
Edit2: restore done, relaunch, again login asked. trying to connect… Ok, everything is restored and enabled again.

Leaves the question: how to reconnect without need for restore?

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This installation method is not officially supported and thus this thread belongs to the tinkering section of the forum IMO. Did you create the container yourself or what container image did you use? Try asking the maintainer/creator of the container for help (look into the tinkering section or use the search to find respective threads/posts in this forum). At least to me it looks like you reset/updated the container with the data stored on non-persistent storage.

Hi, ok. I use the steefdebruijn image. The /tmp is indeed non persistant and seems to contain a lockfile. Is that lockfile relevant? That storage was still available and complete though.
But if wise we can use persistant storage for /tmp as well if neccesary?

Will see what I can find on that.

Bottomline is that we need to have clear what is needed to recognize a standing and correct connection and where/how is that maintained.