Alter or move my Roon setup

I have a Roon Nucleus as my core and .an I7 chip in my Remote (Dell Inspiron); the Nucleus is in a 2nd floor bedroom with my Verizon Router connected with a network cable. My audio system is in my basement below the 1st floor. I listen to headphones on my remote.

Verizon contacted me and they want to put a new box in for me but I am not sure where. What should I do to to improve my experience. I rarely use my Nucleus to listen to music but I want to. Should I ask to place the new verizon box in my basement, so I can move my nucleus to where my audio system is? I also have a HD in my nucleus but it’s not a solid state drive. Would a SS drive make a difference?

Roon Core Machine

Dell Inspiron I7 chip 16gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1 router verizon fios only connected to my remote

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

about 150 tracks

Description of Issue

No real problem

Hey @John_Pluta,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and my apologies for the delay in following up!

In short, you could certainly move your router and nucleus to your basement. With that, you could set your system up via USB and have a great system going. That said, it sounds like you have a good system setup as is!

Great question here! If you find yourself listening to larger files (like DSD playback etc) then having a SS drive would be helpful with speed. Outside of that, you should be fine with what you have :+1:

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