Am I short-changing myself?

Hi all

Seeking friendly views/opinions, please. On my secondary listening system, which is a home office, I have ended up with a Naim Uniti Atom and a pair of B&W 607 speakers. I had the speakers running off an old amp as a budget set up, but then managed to get the Atom at a good price, so upgrade that element. If I had the Atom first, I would have gone for better speakers, but as the intention was originally not to spend too much then this is what I have ended up with. To be honest, it sounds pretty great as it is, so I’m not really looking to mess with it for the sake of it. Bear in mind also that when I am working I tend not to have the volume too high (although I do listen at other times as well). So what I have I’m pretty happy with, but the one thing that is slightly bothering me is if I’m really selling myself short by not having the speakers to get ‘enough’ out of the Atom. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d be really interested to hear them. Thanks very much.

You know you will buy new speakers shortly, do you want me to tell you it’s ok?


Generally speaking, I think that if you’re worrying about whether you’re shortchanging yourself, you are shortchanging yourself – by worrying about it!

I recommend trying some spiffy new speakers. If you can’t hear an improvement, return them. If you do hear an improvement, pat yourself on the back for being so perceptive!


Both brilliant replies, made me laugh. thanks guys.