Amazon Fire 4K as an endpoint with Airscreen App

I enabled Developer mode on my Fire 4K sticks (to allow network IP control) and was messing around with the AirScreen app. Afterwards I saw both Apple TV and Chromecast endpoints showing up in Roon (I don’t have an Apple TV but my iPad has an app and so does my Fire 4K stick).

Airscreen enables DLNA, Chromecast, etc. When I start Airscreen I try pointing Roon to the Apple TV endpoint but nothing happens. However, when I point it to the Chromecast endpoint the screen shows a big Roon logo on a black background and an eternal spinning circle. Has anybody gotten this to work or am I approaching this the wrong way?

Hi @Frans,

For Firestick, I would use the built-in web browser, we haven’t tested Roon behavior though Airscreen app, so we can’t comment on how it should work/if it works at all. To use Roon displays through the web browser, please refer to our instructions on Displays Knowledge Base.

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