AMBRE new RoonReady endpoint

Metrum Acoustics has just released some information about their new Ambre Roon endpoint. It has quite interesting outputs compared to other endpoints that only have USB output.

It has AES/EBU spdif coaxial and optical and I2S over Ethernet. This last output can be connected to corresponding input optional in the Metrum Acoustics dacs.

It’s not available yet from what I can gather.

Anyone have more infos?

Looks to be available now, order page and pricing in the above link.

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Well yes I didn’t go to the store. It’s definitely available there.
Thanks for the info.

all (but I2S, I presume) limited to 24/192 :neutral_face:
still in love with my 4 years old Metrum Hex (which, btw, does 24/384) but only using it, these days, in my (secondary) headphones system :disappointed_relieved:

i2S is also spec’ed for max 24/192 and it uses an Ethernet connector, where all other DACs I’m aware of which accept i2S use HDMI connection, so the i2S is pretty much limited to the manufacturer’s DAC

Well that is a little bit of a letdown all the outputs having maximum 192. Not really a problem since I don’t have anything better than 192 in my collection.

The hope is that I2S is a better connection and paired with Pavane or Adagio or whatever Metrum dacs can deliver more sonic bliss.

I have the Adagio and I am obviously interested in this possibility.

I don’t understand why you would want to get something like this when a new Mac Mini is $500 and a used one is half of that.
Not trying to rile anyone up, I’m honestly wondering.

Because I seek the best audio quality. I quit the Mac Mini long ago. I currently use the Sotm sms-200 and the OPPO UDP-203.
And the audio quality is better.

There is no way of knowing but trying for yourself.

At £873.45 EXCL. VAT I’ll pass thanks.

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because a Mac mini is better used as Roon Server/Core instead of, as this new Metrum unit is, as a Roon endpoint? :wink:

Certainly not cheap but also not the most expensive Roon Endpoint like other dCS Netrwork bridge for example.
It’s in the middle regarding price and as said before has unique features.

I think it looks great if you are using other Metrum gear. Gear which cannot utilize the AMBRE’s I2S connection, is probably better served via a uRendu.

I feel like I want to get away from USB. After so many years there is still much talking and need of DDC decrapifiers, isolators and so on associated with USB.

I think that having outputs other than USB and a single unit like Ambre that does it all is simpler and cheaper in the end.
Get a microRendu then a more than decent power supply, than a decrapifier of some sort, then very good USB cables and other digital cable and you are way over the price of AMBRE.

I want to simplify my setup, not keep adding stuff.

Just my point of view.


Hi Simone,

i use my Metrum Ambre for a week now and i am very enthusiastic about the sound.
It`s connected via I2S to my Metrum DAC
My former USB streamer (Aries) and my USB reclocker (Hydra-Z) are sold now.

On a short test the Ambre AES/EBU connection was very good too, but I2S brought a little more room information on my system.

I can recommend the Metrum Ambre, espacially with the I2S output


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Hi Tom,

I am thinking of buying a Ambre. On the forum on the Metrum site I have seen someone mentioning that it is not Roon certifified. Is that the same with yours?

Kind regards,

He Harry,

yes, in the roon Audio configuration is written “not certified” at the Ambre.
But it is identified as a “roon ready” “Metrum Acoustics Ambre”
and it works well as a roon endpoint.

Two other people i know have the same fact with their Ambre.
so, no big thing. But i don`t know why it is shown as not certified.

the sound is clear, powerful, realistic and amazing :slight_smile:


Which DAC does the Ambre work with? I looked at the Metrum website and didn’t see any with an i2s connection.

There is a I2S Module for the Jade, Onyx, Pavane or Adagio Dac

It has to put in as a replacement for the Usb module. A simple change with one screw inside.

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Great to hear that it sounds good! I am in Munich this weekend and will definitely check out the new Ambre at Metrum’s booth at the High End Show.

I am glad to hear the Ambre is getting out into the marketplace and look forward to hearing you all’s comments about how it sounds. I have been disappointed that my simple questions have sat on their forum for several weeks with no response. I was hoping there would be other processing options in addition to Roon but cannot seem to get a specific answer to that question. That, the absence of clarity on certification as a Roon partner, and a good purchasing opportunity has led me to instead purchase the SOtM triad that was so well reviewed at AudioStream and by others. If things get sorted out with the Ambre, I can always purchase one and compare directly with the SOtM gear. My experience owning 4 Metrum DACs has been excellent and I was looking forward to connecting the Ambre directly by I2S with my Pavane L3, but I decided not to wait any longer for them to get it figured out.