AMD Ryzen Zen 4 compatibility

Roon Core Machine

CPU: AMD 7900X
RAM: 32GB g.Skill 6000MHz
MB: ASUS ROG Strix X670E-A Gaming WiFi

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon is not working and is not responding. And end in white screen error.

Roon works fine as I was using an AMD 3600 CPU before. I have reinstalled Roon to the latest version.

Fellow user here, I would make sure that you have the latest Nvidia graphics driver installed.

Hi @Only_You,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We greatly appreciate your patience in awaiting a response too!

@Rugby has provided a great solution that has worked for many. In my case, I had the same issue but when I updated the issue remained. I then updated with NVIDIA directly and it worked.

Alternatively, I have seen this issue be relevant to screen window size and position. There is a file that I have seen corrupted. The path and filename is C:\users(username)\AppData\Local\Roon\Database\Registry\Client\saved_window_pos. Try renaming the saved_window_pos to saved_window_pos.old. You may have to enable “show hidden files” if you haven’t already.

One or both of these SHOULD work but if not, getting medieval on it might be necessary. If that’s the case, instructions to rebuild Roon are below. Please let me know how things go. I’ll assign your thread to me and monitor for responses.


  • Create a Backup of your current database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall the Roon App from our Downloads Page to generate a new Roon folder
  • Verify if the issue persists on a fresh database before restoring the backup
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