AMP Plus burnt out!

My Mytek AMP Plus suddenly stopped playing. When I checked the amp a strong smoke smell came out off the unit. I sent the unit for repair to Mytek and they have returned it fixed, but now I am afraid it may happen again, because actually i have had no clues about the origin of the problem. Has anyone had a similar experience with Mytek Amp Plus.?

It’s a very new product, though I don’t know how much of the tech is carried over from the preceding Amp. I would imagine experience of the + will be limited. My Brooklyn Bridge streaming board has just failed within warranty so it’s on its way from Madeira back to Poland. I’ve been wondering how long it might take to be returned. I do hope that there will not be reliability issues. The Amp (I have two, not the + version) does run very hot for a Class D design.

Wow another fire ! A very serious issue.

Charles reported a fire also, see here:

Mine was the original Brooklyn Amp. Doesn’t inspire confidence when fires break out in both the original and improved versions. And from what I can tell from their customer service, Mytek couldn’t care less.

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My AMP Plus was repaired in Poland and returned in about two weeks.

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You’re very fortunate. They had me send mine to some strange address in upstate New York. Mehow himself told me they would fix it in a few days. That was over a month ago.

My Brooklyn Bridge is on it’s way back from Poland to Madeira. Assuming all is ok, that’s quick and efficient service, although I guess it was just a simple board change.

Just noticed this thread: Yes, there were some initial hickups related to AMP+ release. We have sold Brooklyn AMP for the last 4 years with great success and that was a very reliable AMP with all kinds of protections, they did not break.

The Brooklyn AMP+ is a similar circuit but with faster transistors, clock sped up from 450k to 650k and consequently larger bandwidth, with less distortion and larger and deeper sound stage and more natural sound.
Amp+ went through 2 design stages. We had the first design in the summer and HEM Electronics of Poland, our then contract manufacturer produced these. However , some of these amp+s blew up like described here because of inadequately tuned protection. Any amp+ bought from or repaired by HEM will most likely blow up again. Don’t buy these. That protection/blow up problem was addressed by our engineers at Mytek in October and from December 2020 all Mytek Brooklyn AMP+s are now manufactured in a brand new Mytek contract factory under 100% Mytek control. These 100% legitimate amp+'s is what we sell now, we have plenty in stock and will soon announce a promo on them as well.

Any amp+s purchase in summer/fall might be of that problematic batch and if you have one purchased in this period you should contact Mytek to have it replaced with a brand new one.

As for “strange address in upstate” : due to Covid, myself as part of team are in a house upstate New York ,while our office in Brooklyn is operating normally as well. We will be here until we get vaccinated and can return to the City.

If you need support on a Mytek product just start with talking to us either through support system on website or telephone 347 384 2687 Mon-Fri 10-6

Hope this helps,

Michal Jurewicz, Mytek Founder, President and Chief Designer

More on HEM vs Mytek here: CONTACT | Mytek Audio


So, the buyers, like me who bought the AMP+ from Poland are out of luck?:frowning:
Do we have any chance to replace these units for the new designed units?
When i bought my Mytek stuff, I thought the units were the same, manufactured in the USA or elsewhere.!
My AMP+ was bough from a Germany reseller who imports them from Poland. And i bought two Brooklyn Bridge to the same seller. By the way, does the Brooklyn Bridge produced in Poland have any fault as well?

If you bought any Mytek products after Jan 1 2021 from HEM or their dealer in Germany, we consider them counterfeit and will not support them. Dealers in Germany were told on Nov 1 about this and were not supposed to sell them. I’d suggest returning the AMP+ to dealer for refund and getting a legitimate one from us instead. We will offer you the same price you paid based on your receipt and another 10% discount ontop to compensate for your troubles.

Please contact us directly and we’ll help you to put this through. I’m really sorry you got subjected to this. Please contact us directly. Best Regards, Michal

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I bought the AMP+ in August 2020. The unit burnt out in December, and it was still under warranty. I sent it to my dealer for repair. The dealer forwarded the unit to Poland. About two weeks later the unit came back, “apparently” repaired. Do I entitle for any kind of replacement then ?

Yes, you are, please contact us directly at Mytek. Thank you, Michal

I did contact you about this issue 12days ago; no answer so far by your side. Do i need to contact a specific department or person perhaps?

It would seem that the correct address for response is techsupport AT

i opened a support ticket here:

I have 2 AMP+, bought from a german seller on ebay, they were sold with a 2 year warranty.
Bought them in September and October 2020.
No ticket can be opened on (HEM as I understand)
I opened one at
I also asked to the deutsch ebay seller a money back, through ebay, but no answer till now.

These amps are developping a ‘plop’ sound when starting up.
One of them is now -silent- after 3 ‘plops’. (since a few day only)

I’m gonna wait a few days, but I’m a bit lost to what to do now.
I really do not want to use these amps anymore, as is, since I live in a small place, and do not want to take the risk.
I saw a phone explode at work on a desk, and despite the small size, flames and smoke was really impressive.

There should be a recall like cars when there is an airbag issue.
Sorry to interfer on roon forums, but no other place is talking about that, and I do not want to keep a lemon on my hands.

I hope legal issue can be resolved.
I’m surprised Mytek amp+ are still sold, and not on hold (e.g. still sold on ebay as new and with warranty in April 2021, and the distribution further expanded to genuine Hifi vendors at least in my country in 2021 - I live in Europe - ).

It would be useful to maintain/restore confidence (or simply inform for those unaware) by listing official distribution channels (point of sale/websites) on

I found these AMP+ were working great for a few months and want to believe there will be a solution to this reliability issue.

I would have thought you should have support from Mytek USA if they were bought before the announcement of the dispute - which yours were. I would open a ticket at and see if you can get support that way.

Hello Paul,

Please try to open a new ticket through our main website: You will find there “support” tab.
It seems there is some kind of problem with domain - we working on solution right now.

Thank you for all your answers.
The AMP+ are just going to be sent back to the dealer, which replied me yesterday, and proposed to forward them to HEM for a ‘check, srvice and repair’. Hope it can also be a swap or a refund.

Description of issues will be put in the box.

Update :
I now have had these AMP+ for a while, I can say I found them marvelous in the following configuration:
*AMP+ in bridge mode
*TDAI 1120
*Trusty old Kimber Kable speaker cables and old Audioquest RCA.

Never heard a better system. Lively and enjoyable as much as I can wish. Chromecast is beautiful. Furthermore, I would no longer need two separate kits for TV anymore, would I wish so, thanks to the HDMI port.

Room Perfect is not enable yet…

I really wish and hope Mytek and HEM can find a way toward conciliation, though.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t wait for the Bridge 2.
The DAC+ is sold, it was great sounding though, and my expectations for the Bridge 2 were quite high.

The Evo 150 is also coming during the summer at home, and no more budget for the Bridge 2.

Good news is I will keep these AMP+ :star2: