Amp recommendations for DSD, MQA and PCM

I do have DSD content i bought from HDTracks… I’m looking for one DAC/Amp which can connect to N+ and support DSD, MQA & 32 PCM … and power my Loud speakers (will get an amp if required)…

I assume N+ is referring to Wi-Fi? It’s preferable to use an Ethernet connection with Roon but these examples should work with a good Wi-Fi signal too.

You’ll need to decide what kind of setup you need:

  • network bridge > DAC > amplifier, e.g. Allo DigiOne, Chord Qutest, Exposure 3010S2D integrated amplifier
  • all-in-one streamer > amplifier, e.g. Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra, Rega Elex-R
  • all-in-one, e.g. Naim Unity Star

These all support PCM and DSD but there are many other choices; these are illustrations only. Specifying budget would help narrow options for auditioning.

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wow… Thank you so very much, that was very helpful… budget around 3k…

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I’m going to ask the mods to split this topic so it gets more attention and you’ll benefit from recommendations and suggestions.

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I thought the term “N+” meant a a reference to Roon’s Nucleus+.


Affirmative, N+ is reference to Nucleus+…

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Comments on this DAC Please, Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro MQA DAC?