Amplifier endpoint

I am running Roon Core on a Nucleus server without problems. The primary endpoint is my Marantz AV8801. It took a while, but now everything runs pretty well.

I have a pair of Dynaudio speakers that I like a lot. I would like to use them in an endpoint for Roon in my office/study. So what I am looking for is an amplifier to take the Roon signal, amplify it and drive my Dynaudios. In an ideal world (the one that will likely exist in about two years), the amplifier could pick up the Roon signal either through a wired or wireless ethernet connection, perform the D to A, and then amplify the signal and drive the speakers. Oh, yes, and it would be great if the amplifier could be controlled via an ethernet port instead of unreliable IR.

Any ideas?


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Ayre QX-8

Hopefully, in due course, Primare amps and hopefully, too, Hegel amps.

You are basically looking for an Integrated Amp with Roon endpoint / streamer built in.

Off the top of my head:

Ayre EX-8
Naim Uniti Atom
Naim Uniti Nova
Naim Uniti Star
BS Power Node 2i
Krell Digital Vanguard
Lumin M1
Several NADs
Auralic Polaris
Cary AiOS

There’s also the audioberry.

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Add GoldNote IS-1000 to this list.

I’m using a RPi with Boss + Volt HATs.

How about Devialet?

Lyngdorf TDAI 3400

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Using an RPI + RoPieee you can add for example a Hifiberry AMP+ or from the same house you could have a look at the very sexy BeoCreate DAC/DSP/AMP combination.

Any of those get you a fully integrated Roon endpoint with an AMP.

Or the RPi + Ropieee + the IQaudIO DigiAMP+ - there’s lots of choice for the RPi…

Dyns are a hard ask. I doubt a Pi based amp will get the job done reliably.

@Timothy_Good @58LesPaul Another advantage of the Lyngdorf is that you get RoomPerfect, which could help mold the sound in your office/study.

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