"An audio file is loading slowly" ROON RAAT / Devialet & Tidal


I have ogoing issues with playing tidal music via ROON RAAT & Devialet.

I am not alone, when I look here in this (and other) forum. People were complaining, that this issue is ongoing, since the “fusion” of ROON RAAT and Devialet were released.

Tidal outside of ROON RAAT & Devialet is playing fine - it´s just the combo, which shows issues out of the blue without any intermediate change of neither user behaviour, nor change to the system. There are days without any and others with a nerving continuity of this specific issue - without any thinkable logic.

Is there a reason for this issue & is there hope, that this issue will be solved for good?

Thank you in advance!

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