Audio file loading slowly since Devialet RAAT

Has anyone had a problem with “An audio file is loading slowly” or “A qobuz file is loading slowly” since upgrading to Devialet RAAT support. I am getting them when skipping tracks or going back a track. If I switch back to Roon AIR and do the same thing it works perfectly. Makes me think that it is not a network/hardware problem.

I have a 500MB full duplex fibre connection here and am on a Gigabit hardwired network.

I also just started seeing this with Devialet RAAT. It does not occur with Devialet AIR and it happens most with hi-res 192kHz, 24Bit flac music, whether it is my music or Qobuz. It does not seem to occur with regular CD rips.

I’m running the latest RoonServer on a Win 10 i7 PC over a gigbit hardwired network, so I am a bit surprised. I need to dig further but that may not happen for a few days.

In looking thru the forums for An audio file is loading slowly I see that others that have seen this often find issues with their network. I am only experiencing it with Roon RAAT. It is not happening with Roon AIR nor any other inputs I’ve tried. It does not happen all the time, but when it does, it is far more frequent with hi-res flac (e.g. 192kHz, 24Bit), than normal CD res. But again, only with Roon RAAT.

I’m throwing this out to @Support … Is there anything I should be specifically looking for in my network that could be causing this?

Me as well, this has happened after being a Roon user since day 1 and this is the first time I have had this problem Is anyone taking notice…

I also got it on both Tidal and Qobuz today, but only once on each of them. Been playing for over a week with the old Devialet Air software, did not see it there.

@Support - I suspect you’re quite busy since 1.6 was released, but I sure could use some advice on how to troubleshoot this problem (see first couple posts). Also, please advise as to whether I should be prodding Devialet about this problem rather than you. Not sure if it’s Devialet, Roon or my network that can’t keep up.

Bottom line, hi-res playback via RAAT to my Devialet has dropout problems and periodically throws the “Audio file loading slowly…” error. I am running latest Win 10 on i7 desktop PC… RoonServer installed on SSD. Networking is hardwired. Help…

Hello @NickB, @ToreB, and @mdconnelly ,

Thanks for the report, and I’m sorry to hear things are not working as they should with the new update.

What Devialet Expert device are you running in your setup? In the Settings > Audio screen, when you click the “i” button next to the device name, can you report or screenshot what shows in the small pop-up?


Hi John

Mine is an Expert 250 CI


Strangely this does this with files in a playlist as well but they are standard CD quality both local and Qobuz.

Hi. I have two 220.

Devialet%202 Devialet%201

I’ve had the same issue, and have real problems playing hires, or upsampled music. I’ve had to go back to air for now, which works perfectly.
Mine is a 440 pro, on Ethernet.

I’m having the same problem with local files and with Qobuz streaming.


There is two similar treads about this issue, maybe merge them ?

For what it’s worth, this is the thread that @John (Roon Support) responded. Hoping to hear more from him here.

Any updates on this? Having problem listening to music, just sitting an waiting for the next dropout.
Had to put on a lp so could enjoy some music tonight…

Not possible to play from Qobuz, been over 24 hours since last restart of Roon! After restart I can play again but gets a lot of dropouts. .

I have only seen the audio device loading slowly message one, but the drop-outs are constant. Are they the same issue?

I’ve seen the Tidal message once or twice too, and had one very slight streaming hiccup on cd quality streaming - an Allo digione has been faultless for the past year or more.

Something’s not quite right. Better power that Allo back up again…

Just saw this thread after posting mine, but are you also seeing very high network usage? See my screenshots here:

@Support - just checking in on this since we haven’t heard back in a few days. Should I be logging a ticket with Devialet on this? Any insight or advice is welcome!