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Hi, I wondered if someone could tell me how to have my roon setup play audio from my PC via USB into my ifi zen one signature DAC whilst also playing through the PC audio?
I want to run a visualiser and saw a couple of posts that said the way to do it was to group the DAC and internal PC audio zones together., then run sprectrum analyser software as well as roon.
My issues is, when i do this and press play, roon wont play the track as it says an audio source is already running.
It would also allow me to run a lineout from my PC to and external spectrum analyser rather than using my preamp. I’ve 3 outs on my Linn AV 5103, two of which run into a Linn AV5125 ( i biamp using 4 of the 5 amplifier channels) and the other into a Cambridge audio minx x201 active sub and i dont really want to split the signal out.
Im a bit stuck on how to do this and am becoming increasingly obsessed with it…:grin:
Thanks, Martin.

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Hi, its ok… im now using an external visualiser fed from the headphone port on the pc.
I set up a group that allows thd use if the dac and pc realtek audio out. Seems fine at the moment so ill not mess with it… i just really like flashing lights with my music so im going to build a visualiser… i managed to vfd vu meters so just need to build a box…


These are so cool I bought 3:

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