Andre Cluytens 65 CD Set - Album Browser does not display all tracks


I own CDs which I’ve ripped of the big Andre Cluytens 65 CD set. I wanted to listen to Tidal’s MQA version, which is split into 2 collections, one mono and one stereo items.

I searched for a particular track that I knew to be in the mono collection (from Berlioz Romeo and Juliet), and it DOES turn up, and can be played from the searched track results area. Track # was something like 332. But then, in the Roon’s album view scrolling down caps the tracks listed at around 150. So the ONLY way to play is if you know how to search for the track individually? Am I missing something?

Here’s the Tidal link to the album And in the Tidal app is does list all 300+ tracks.

Thanks for sharing your observation with us, @Tatifan.

Currently the album screen is limited to 180 tracks which is why you’re not able to see them all here. I’ve passed your report along to the team and they’re going to look into this further, but for now there is no way around the limit.

Thanks again for letting us know, we always appreciate the feedback!

Kind regards,

Thanks for getting back. I wish Tidal didn’t make one huge album out of these big sets. In the past I think I simply assumed some was missing in similar cases. Is there a way to add multiple items from a (Tidal) search to a playlist and reorder them?

All these months later, I figured out a solution to this problem. I’m a little dismayed that the powers that be at Roon couldn’t figure this out, and save me some aggravation (having to manually search for each track that was over the limit). All one has to do is go into the edit menu and choose “fix track grouping”. Then you can select all of the higher track numbers and move them to a “new” album and after saving this, voila, problem solved. I didn’t realize that one could edit tracks from streaming services in this manner.

I hope this saves someone some frustration for these big collections with several hundred tracks!