Android 6 - No Artwork

Was Hannes_Moser ever provided a solution to this Remote issue. I’m experiencing the same problem. My screen on my android 6.0 phone looks like the posted screen shot. I’ve removed and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache all to no avail. Would appreciate some help with this issue.

Hello @Mike_Blanchard,

Can you please provide some more information regarding your Core and Android device? What is the model/manufacturer for both?

Android device is LG G4 running Android v6.0 (Note: I’ve been using the remote app with this phone for the last 4+ years. The app behavior that I’m now experiencing was noticed for the 1st time a couple of weeks or so ago)

Roon core is running on an older Windows 7 machine (Also note that other android devices in my home - wife’s samsung phone and tablet - are running the remote app with this core without problems )

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Hi @Mike_Blanchard,

Thanks for sharing that info!

I just tried to enable diagnostics mode for your Android device and what this action should do is automatically upload a log set to our servers for analysis next time the app is active.

Can I please ask that you open the app, let it sit for a few min and let me know after you’ve used it? Hopefully the log report will come through.

Hi Noris,

had the app on and setting for several minutes. hope you were able to capture a log.

Hi @Mike_Blanchard,

I don’t see the log report being delivered unfortunately.
Can you try to reboot the Android device?

Also, can you please provide some more details here - when this issue occurs, are you still able to click on anything in the app and just images loading is the issue?

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