Android app - status bar title + playback controls

Is there a reason the Roon app doesn’t play well with the native android status bar? I’d really like to have a “now playing” indication with playback controls, like every other music player app has.

At the moment I’m playing audio via Chromecast, and the speaker group’s status at least allows me to play/pause audio, but it gives no indication as to what’s playing. I’ve been planning a switch to RAAT endpoints, and once I do that, I’ll have no playback controls, without manually navigating to and opening the app

Probably because this feature is at the bottom of roon’s priority list :wink: These feature requests have been around for years, to no avail…

If you don’t mind using extensions, you can use this extension and Android app:
Roon Extension and Android App it’roXs!

Ah, I had not seen that yet - thanks for the link (and the app!). I’ll have to finally get around to trying an extension… had been putting it off as I’m still waiting to set up a proper roon core machine (just finished my free trial).