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Long time user who thought that since I have an Android phone, I should use it for Roon. Downloaded Roon Remote. First error message-no wifi connection. Obviously incorrect. Second error message. Cannot find core. Have a Roon system working on both Mac and PC and IOS for years so this is in error too, Probably did not answer some question correctly but I cannot find a similar question in the Forum. Sure it is something stupid but if you point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. As I said, both Mac and Windows latest versions with an iphone 12 which works fine. I bought the Samsung to use for a special application which works fine and roon was an afterthought but it should work, Let me know if possible. The
Samsung is a Model 12? if that helps,

Hi Popcorn sometimes the Roon server doesn’t show up, was a common problem on Samsung phones before, but when you get the following screen.

Click in the help button and then it will show this screen, enter your IP address in that screen

I am away from home this week so I cannot finish the process, but hopefully that will get you most of the way.

I hope this helps

Hi @popcorn

Just checking in to see if you were able to get up and running with Michael’s suggestion above. If not, Can you share some details on your setup? Thanks!