Android phone client

I wonder if any major update is planned for the Android phone client. It is noticeably cut down from the client on an Android tablet (which is similar to the client on a PC) and has a different layout. Nor does the phone client match the ARC app. This I find confusing, in that when I use Roon, I have too many different interfaces. Getting away from multiple interfaces is one big reason I moved to Roon to begin with.

I have not made a list of everything missing from the phone client, but one thing I really miss is the play count, which is great when working through a list of new recordings.

Another thing I noticed a few days ago is that Muse opens up but many of the entries cannot be configured.

If it’s relevant, my phone has more pixels than my tablet! Though admittedly a much smaller screen.

It would be great to see the phone client improved and rearranged to more closely follow the layout of the other clients. Of course, more functionality also would be great.

Use a tablet or laptop for a more rewarding experience. You’ve been here 7 years and still using a phone to control Roon? I use a laptop 99 percent of the time.

EDIT: I doubt a phone client will ever get much or any better than it already is and I doubt there will be an effort to make the Roon client and Roon ARC look the same on a phone. I think Roon has bigger issues to work on IMHO.

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Not quite – see also:

So people still need a PC client to be able to use all Roon has to offer.

Wrong assumption. I use a tablet in my main system, but to control a few infrequently used endpoints around the house, the phone is always with me. Since Roon offers a client for it, I’d appreciate that client’s being better.

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I agree with the expectation!
I use my Android Smartphone as main control device because i have many speakers in m’y house and mobile IS more more convenient.
I regret we cannot customise the look and functions.

I also be very pleased with the addition of next track button on the active playing bar because when i browse and playing song does not suit me i could Skip it easier.


If you want changes then post in Feature Suggestions not in discussion.
There are many existing suggestions for increased phone features. Roon have responded that they want a clean mobile interface and resist adding them.

IMHO the progress goes the other way - from computers and tablets to phones. Phone has become a single device, control point that replaced those and notebooks, and voice recorders, and cameras and the list goes on and on. Many people want to have a single device for everything.


A phone does not have the Roon features the OP wants. I prefer to use what works. Maybe in the future Roon will expand Roon functionality on a phone, but maybe not.

EDIT: Thanks, but my comments are not “churlish and narrow minded.” Perhaps Roon will improve the functionality of phones as Roon control devices. However, until/unless they do, I would use a laptop or tablet to have the functionality I want or need.

I don’t have or need a tablet and laptop isn’t always available. My phone is with me 100% of the time and is my weapon of choice for these reasons as I move rooms a lot and move music with me. I have had Roon since 2017 so your comments earlier are a little churlish and narrow minded I feel.

They really do need to update the remote app, some stuff just needs rethinking out to make it work better for a mobile device most things could work so much better if they dedicate time to it. Its an area thats unloved like many others in Roon. It does seem they are all focusing on ARC for mobile use which doesn’t help me at home at all.

One thing they have to sort out is the refresh rate for scrolling on iOs as its very bad. I have noticed this on other apps too that show jumpy scrolling so its not just Roon here, but other music control apps work better in this regards but none stutters as much as Roon.