Android phone doing a Roon Remote update

Just saw my droid phone was doing some updates, one of which is for Roon Remote.
What’s that about then?

Had not heard of any new builds or updates here?
Thank you.

There seem to be mini updates more often than before. Just small bug fixes by the look of it with no in releases notes on the play store

Just checked the iPad and there is no update in the app store yet

Then again a new Roon update has just dropped, so that would be it :grin:

And so now my Room Remote has updated before the core!
Not recommended as good practice.
We will see…

Sometimes you need the app update to come first from memory. Then update the core. Done mine no issues

Yep, all looks good!

Yes I have my answer…lol

Roon can’t control how the app stores release so it’s always tricky ground. Android tends to be far quicker than iOS , this time very quick.

In this case yes by a couple of hours, but that is not always the case