Android remote app not working on Lenovo TB-X704F

Hi there,
I’m using Roon for one and a half year by now with the following settings :

  • Core on ubuntu 16.04.4, ethernet wired
  • Remote app on Windows X 64b, ethernet wired
  • Remote app on Samsung A510F - Android 7.0
  • Remote app on Lenovo TB-X704F - Android 7.1.1

I’ve got a WI-FI router from TP Link with both 2,4 GHZ and 5 GHz channel.
Music is on my Synology DS411j
All devices have the 192.168.1.x pattern.
Everything in Roon 1.5

I can control the Roon Core from Windows or from my cell phone (Samsung) but whenever I launch the Roon remote control on Lenovo, I get the “Choose your Roon Core” screen. If I select the “Configure Roon OS devices on your network” link, it looks the “Searching for devices…” screen forever. Nothing happens. While the Lenovo is struggling to connect to the Core, I can control it at the same time from the two other devices. Music plays flawlessly.

There’s a bit of random, sometimes the remote control works on Lenovo (1 out of 10) and sometimes, my Samsung lost the connection (1 out of 10)

I sshed my linux server and looked at the log files.
Here is what I get with Lenovo when I launch the app :

    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [raat] RAATServer discovered: RaatServer Lenovo TB-X704F @
    06/21 23:28:00 Info: [raatserver] GOT SERVER fb13528b-2952-a336-9434-2ad988647b89::fb13528b2952a33694342ad988647b89 @ Lenovo TB-X704F PROTOVER=1 RAATVER=1.1.29
    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [push] restarting connection (Unable to read data from the transport connection: interrupted.)
    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Lenovo TB-X704F @] connecting (attempt 1)
    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [push] retrying connection in 38946ms
    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Lenovo TB-X704F @] connected
    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] SENT {"request":"enumerate_devices","subscription_id":"0"}
    06/21 23:28:00 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] GOT NONFINAL {"status": "Success", "devices": [{"is_system_output": true, "device_id": "default", "auto_enable": true, "type": "android", "auto_name": "Lenovo TB-X704F", "name": "Default Output"}]}
    06/21 23:28:00 Info: [raatserver] GOT DEVICE fb13528b2952a33694342ad988647b89::default Type=android Name=Default Output
and nothing more.

Comparing with Samsung A510F, there are more lines after GOT DEVICE

    06/21 23:50:39 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] SENT {"request":"enable_device","device_id":"default","subscription_id":"14"}

Here is what I get when I disconnect the Lenovo :

    06/21 23:33:51 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Lenovo TB-X704F @] lost client connection. Retrying
    06/21 23:33:51 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Lenovo TB-X704F @] connecting (attempt 1)
    06/21 23:33:51 Warn: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] failed to connect Connection refused 

On other Remote devices, I can see the Lenovo as a detected device on the audio tab from the settings.

I’ve tried many thing, connecting on 5 GHz or 2,4 GHz, reboot the Core and so on … but I get out of options by now.

What can I do to get this remote control work reliably on my Lenovo ?

Thanks for sharing your report, @Jean-Damien_Bouvier!

I’d like to propose a test that will help us determine what may be occurring here. On the Windows remote device, try setting up a temporary Roon Core and try to connect the Lenovo Android device to this new Core.

We have been investigating similar reports for some time now, and so far we have never seen this behavior happen in a QA environment, or to anyone in the company that uses Android.

The test proposed above is a great way to determine if this is the same issue that some others have seen, or perhaps something else may be happening here. If the Lenovo device connects to the Windows Core without issues, then we know that this is likely same behavior seen by some others. If the same behavior does occur, then likely there is something else going on (possibly networking difficulties).

Please give this test a go and let me know if you’re able to connect to the Windows machine.

Thank you,

Hi Dylan,

I read the similar report that you provided.
Indeed, the Lenovo device connects to the Windows Core while at the same time it can’t see the Linux Core.
After a reboot, I’ve got a higher chance to connect to the Linux Core but only once.

Thanks for testing that out, @Jean-Damien_Bouvier!

Based on the results of this test it does sound like you are experiencing the same behavior as some of the other reports. This behavior is currently under investigation by our team. While we have not been able to reproduce this behavior in our QA labs as of yet we are hoping to gather more information about the issue to aid in our investigation.

With that in mind, I’d like to recommend that you complete this survey. The survey will help us gather more information about what you are experiencing and also contains some advanced troubleshooting steps for you to try.

Kind regards,

I’ve completed the survey. It’s a cumbersome bug and I’m worry that it’s been there for month by now.

Best regards,