Android Roon not using and recognizing my dac but it is only laptop

I think I need to use USB Audio Player Pro on my Android again because as I see and hearing Roon using my internal Nokia 5.3 dac instead of the my external dac…
Or Roon needs to use and recognize my external dac like my laptop when I am connecting it to my Android device?
Is it using my external dac or not?
My external DAC is iBasso DC03.
My Android device is Nokia 5.3 with Android 10 with the latest February of 2021 patch.
Is it using my external dac or not? - Album on Imgur

Welcome to the community, @Gyorfi_Jozsef!

From the screenshot I can see that Roon is using Android Audio as the output, although this will then go to the attached DAC. The reason Roon is performing a sample rate conversion is that Android would do this anyway and Roon does a better job. Presently Roon, unlike USB Audio Player Pro, cannot bypass the Android Audio subsystem.

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@Martin_Webster, thanks for your insightful post - it’s very helpful, I think :nerd_face:

A belated welcome to the Roon community, @Gyorfi_Jozsef ! I was wondering if there’s anything else we can add to this or if we can help with anything at all :slight_smile:

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