Android Roon Remote became very unstable recently

Hello everyone, I’ve been experiencing bizarre behaviours when using the Android app for some time. Unfortunately, the app is not working particularly well. The app is freezing a lot when coming back from the background. The album covers are blank and I can’t play anything. The app becomes unresponsive, I need to kill it and reopen it to make it work. I attached screenshots to present what the app looks like after opening it from the background. The problem is not only related to my phone (Galaxy S22 Ultra). I have the Roon app on Galaxy Tab s9 and the behaviour is the same. My father who is also using Roon confirms similar problems.

In Google Play Store I saw a lot of negative comments about the app. I don’t know if Roon is aware of those problems, but there must be something in it. Also, a rating of 3.9 is not the greatest…I haven’t seen any similar topics here on the community forum so I decided to create one. Roon, I hope you will take a look into this problem soon.

Do you guys have similar problems when using the Roon app? Pls, let me know in the comments.


Same issues here since the latest update. Worked fine before.

You should probably move this to Support…

It is moved

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Since apperance of Roon 2.0, I have very frequently experienced unresponsiveness on Android tablets (I have 2, TAB A & Tab S2) when trying to bring back Roon from the background. If I insist long enough tapping on the menu icon (5 to15 times!), Roon app sometimes comes back to life. But most of the time, I loose my patience and I have to kill the app and restart it. Bery annoying to say the least,

I have seen this issue mentioned many times before on the forums. Has anything been done about it ?

I knew about this thread, but it seems to concern only IOS devices. My issue is with Android. Do you think IOS and Android should be mixed in the same bag, or would it be safer to locate a thread specific to Android ?

Post is about Android. It was previously located in android category but it was moved here recently.

People reported connection issues with Android and with iOS. I doubt that Roon is only investigating and fixing iOS

But we don’t know for sure.
Though what we see it’s showing the same behavior on Android and iOS.

We don’t know many things for sure, but some are more probable

What if you clear the cache and restart the app. Might also help closing all apps and open Room only and see what happens.
Could also be poor WiFi. Plz give some more info about how the network is running and some more info about your core.
I am using a S22 Ultra and no problems at all.

That’s for sure :grin:
The reason might be as the remotes are not native apps their underlying platform creates problems on iOS / Android.

Who knows, like with the other issues I don’t have any on 2 Android and 2 iOS devices :man_shrugging:

I’m not sure that clearing the cache will help in this case. When I did a fresh installation on my tablet, the app was misbehaving from the beginning. I have the Roon server installed on Windows, but my father is using Roon Core on a NUC computer. Regarding the network setup, I’m using all devices in a small range of one room. All other devices have no problem communicating over a network. I have a very decent router and I’m using a Wi-Fi 6 network. My computer is also quite powerful (12 cores processor and 64GB RAM) and it should be able to handle the Roon server without any problems. So unfortunately
I wouldn’t look for network/hardware problems, especially since it was fine before.

@Markus_Hubner Hmm that’s very interesting information that Remote apps are not native. I didn’t know about it. I work as a mobile application developer myself and I know that multiplatform technologies sucks :stuck_out_tongue: That definitely may be the case. Now I know why scroll momentum in the Roon app works that weirdly.

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Did you actually try it? Clearing the cache is done on a device basis, not on the Roon Server itself.


same issue with the last update: Freezing and blank pages.
No probem at all with previous releases versions.

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I have the exactly same issues on iOS.

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OK, I thought he was talking about the Android application cache :smiley: I will try to do it then.

i cleared the cache but no effect :frowning: