Android tablet being recognized as a phone

Core Machine

ROCK on NUC i7

Network Details

Netgear switches

Audio Devices

Linn DSM

Library Size

4000 albums

Description of Issue

The 1.7 version of the Roon app on my Samsung 5SE android tablet looked and behaved more or less the same as on my iPad. Now the interface is much less richer and several functions are missing. In the ‘About’ screen it identifies my Samsung as a phone not as a tablet. It’s been three months since I first reported this issue. Any change that with a new release we will get a full-fledged Android tablets app?

Could be something with your font size and screen zoom settings under display settings. Play around with those (reducing font size/screen zoom). Works fine on my 6s with screen zoom all the way to the left (none) and font size five dots over from the left. Also works on an older 5s with larger font but also no zoom, so maybe zoom is the culprit.

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Just confirmed. Setting screen zoom up just one tick makes roon think it’s running on a phone, with limited functionality. Guess it has something to do with screen resolution that roon sees.

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You are 100% right! I have set everything on maximum (now the font-size is really small) and the tablet is no longer identified as a phone. Strange, something changed between 1.7 and 1.8 because I’m pretty sure that I haven’t changed anything in the android settings menu. That’s not important, the important thing is that I no longer feel like a second rate user just because I am not using an iPad!


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