Android tablet recommendation?

I need to replace the 2nd gen iPad air that I had been using as my Roon remote. I’m thinking about going with an android tablet. Maybe something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A or Tab E. Anyone had experience running Roon on either of these or another Android tablet you would recommend?

On a related note, is it possible to have two Windows side by side on these tablets? I really want to be able to have Roon and the Control4 app opened at the same time.

Thanks for any advice!!

Galaxy Tab S2 8" here. Roon works great, but only in landscape mode.

More generally, I tried several tablets (including an iPad mini) a while back. The S2 won hands down as the best available tablet for display, performance and least annoying UI departure from stock Android.

Don’t know about the windowing.

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Android in general can do this but the Roon app doesn’t support it :frowning:

Personally I hate all the bloatware Samsung put on tablets so I avoid them. I’ve settled for a slightly less bloatware infused Amazon Fire 10". It does the job as a reasonable Roon remote, Netflix and Amazon Prime host at a much lower cost than Samsung et al do.

That is very disappointing. Any chance this will change?

I didn’t realize the Fire tablet could run Roon. It looks like it will run any Play Store app? Is the Fire faster than the Samsung? My iPad air is kind of slow when launching/switching to Roon. I’m hoping for something faster. Thanks!

Agreed. I also have a Fire HD 10 tablet (latest version - earlier versions will not run Roon Remote) and the Roon Remote app works great on this tablet and looks great.

I also have an older iPad Air (1st generation) and it’s a tough call as to which tablet (Fire or Air) Roon Remote runs faster on.

I strongly suspect that on a new iPad Roon Remote would run faster than on a Fire HD otherwise save your money and get a Fire HD (either an 8 or a 10).

Anyone happen to know whether this is supported on iPad? If so, that would be enough for me to go with a new iPad instead of an Android tablet. Thanks!

I found the iPad app seemed to be slicker to use and seems to connect more reliably to ROCK.

Between the wife and I we have a relativity new lenovo and Xiaomi Android tablet, a Fire 8 and an old Samsung Android tablet.

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Be aware that if you ever want to use the tablet as an endpoint (connect a DAC via USB / Lightning cable) you are MUCH better off with an iOS device. Android devices are not able to stream to a connected USB device from the Roon app, whereas iOS devices are, all the way to DSD256.
See also this thread

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Thanks for all the feedback. Definitely leaning towards iPad now. Anyone know if Roon supports split view on the iPad? Thanks!