Anitpodes core won't connect

Our power went down a couple of days ago, but when we got it back I found that Roon for some reason can’t find my Antipodes Server core. I’ve tried rebooting, restarting my computer and Antipodes, etc. No luck. Anybody have any other ideas? I’ve written Antipodes but haven’t heard back yet. I get a window (attached), but when I try to connect, I get a login window. When I login, it says I already have an account. Please help. Thanks.

According to the screen you posted, antipodes is being recognized as a potential Core machine.

When it says you have an account, do you get a chance to de-authorize?

Can’t see how this would be an antipodes problem.

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Yes, I can de-authorize. Should I?

I went ahead and de-authorized and everything’s fine now. I don’t know why. But thanks.

With respect, Antipodes Support replied 42 minutes after receiving your inquiry.

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Yes, you did, Tony. And thank you. I waited to contact you after Roon because I honestly didn’t think it was the fault of the Antipodes but a simpler problem with Roon. And for once, I was right. You guys at Antipodes have always been great. Thanks again.

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