Annoying noise constantly spinning fan in Nucleus

I bought a Nucleus as replacement for my MacMini. One off the reasons to choose for the Nucleus was that it, as written in the white paper, should be fanless. I installed the Nucleus one week ago and I am very satisfied with the way it works but… since the installation I hear a constant noise coming from the Nucleus, like a spinning little fan, even if no music is played and the Roon Remotes are closed. Scanning of my music on the NAS was also done. I have no internal HDD or SSD mounted. I called with my dealer and he told me that there is one little fan mounted but it should be almost impossible to hear it. If I’d quiet in my room I can hear the Nucleus from a distance of approximately. 3 meters. Is this normal?

There is no fan as far as I know. Open it up and look. The noise is something else.

Maybe you did get an internal drive…open and check or show us the gui screen shot and we can see if it thinks it has an internal spinner

I opened it and to my surprise there is a 1 TB HDD mounted. So I’m wondering if I did get a new Nucleus, a demo or refurbished one. Tomorrow I’ll contact my dealer. Thanks for your input. Have a nice evening!

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If you need that drive for your music, replace it with a SSD for total silence. You might have received a customer return.

Thanks Jim. I use a NAS for my music and until now this works fine but in the future I’will use a SSD as internal storage for the nucleus.

Yea, just remove that HDD. You don’t need it. Plug it into the USB port and use it for automated backup’s of your Roon database.

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