Annoying, ROON has added thousands of albums to My Music

Starting up ROON for the first time, it asked my musical tastes, and then offered to add music to my library. Innocently, I said Yes, thinking it would add a smalls election to a ROON library. It didn’t, it added thousands of albums to my TDAL library, swamping my own music collection.

Very, very annoying.

Does anyone know how I could undo this action, or at least start bulk-deleting?

Help is near:

This doesn’t help: the problem is in TIDAL, two thousand albums sitting in there with no visible way of sorting them out. I have tried putting them in date order to try to see my own collection at the end, but the end is so far out of sight, the dialogue box will not even scroll to them. If it did, I can see no way of bulk deleting the thousands of albums that lie before it.

Hi @Louise_Proctor – are you saying the albums that were added weren’t tagged?

The article @RBM posted above explains how to bulk delete everything that was added to your TIDAL library when you clicked Add Albums To My Library during setup, but maybe something else is going on here?

We’re here to help, and we’re making some changes to this feature in the future, so let me know if you’re stuck here and we’ll make sure we get this resolved.