Another case of Roon randomly stopping

Correct. I’m having these issues with a Devialet Expert.

Hi @Jeremy_Jones ----- Thank you for the feedback and more importantly, thank you for patience here.

I can see that this topic got a bit off track but I am pleased that you were able to identify the variable where the issue was occurring. Excellent work.

Moving forward, I am going to be closing this thread out, however, if you require additional assistance in regard to this behavior after working with the folks over at Sonore. Please send me a PM and I will gladly help you continue troubleshooting.


@Lonek, @cgw, @Petri, @John_Hill

Petri, as you referenced in your post above, you’ve reported this behavior else. You and I will continue troubleshooting in that thread. I will be around shortly to review your latest post and advise.

For everyone else (Lonek, CGW, and John_Hill), if you are having an issue specific to your Devialet device OR are just experiencing “stoppages” in playback as a general performance problem, please either provide me with the exact details of the issue OR direct me to the thread where you’ve reported the issue in a PM addressed to me.

Your cooperation is very appreciated!