Another massive fundamental bug - albums not showing in library

Two days ago I was about to make a post praising the Roon team for fixing the problems with 1.8 and making it so great. Because it IS so great in so many ways. And then this…

Version 778 does not display many albums from artists as being in library that are absolutely 100% in library.

Miles Davis, John Coltrane and other artists are affected. Overview and Discography only show a handful of albums, but finding an album directly shows it as being in library. The result of my discovering this was hours of troubleshooting, restoring backups, etc. All stuff I frankly have no spare time for.

After patiently waiting to have the huge shuffle and focus issues fixed (nice!), now there is, unfortunately, something even more arguably fundamental that is broken. I would REALLY like to go back to just using Roon for what it is intended for (my needs are not all that sophisticated), but I can’t seem to get past problems with basic, fundamental functionality. It’s arguably more broken now than ever… :frowning:

You are probably suffering from the same bug as reported here: There‘s a ticket in.

Best to add your voice in that thread so its bundled in one place :+1:

I think so too. Maybe it’s all related. Messy.

Yep, we wont progress if they invent a new bug for each one fixed. :joy::joy:

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I feel like in 779 I’ll open Roon and no music will show at all…only casserole recipes…with no way to shuffle them. :-p

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