Another METADATA Improver “problem” system


Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Gentoo Player Linux
Custom built Ryzen server
Roon 610

Second server on i7 NUC running the same OS and Roon versions having the same issue.

Music stored on Synology NAS

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ubiquity Core on Wired ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Single endpoint: Buchardt Audio A500 Stereo hub Chromecast WiFi

Description Of Issue

I have two test servers and both of them started doing this in the last few days.
I have rebooted all the gear in the house. There is no VOIP
I have signed out and back in to Roon ( a couple of times on each server )
I have changed from Google DNS to Quad nine and Cloudflare

I have not tried to start a core up on Windows or Mac. There have been no OS updates on the Core machines in a couple of months as it is manual. I did have not done any software updates on the network gear during this period.


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Hello @Bob_Fairbairn1, and thanks for your report! Our team is still investigating this issue and in several cases, we’ve narrowed it down to a networking issue. I’d like to understand what makes your equipment different from those who were resolved by a reboot. Are the cores connected via Ethernet? Does this recur every time you reboot?

My network to the servers is wired ethernet. IT does not occur on every reboot. It seems to have gone away on my main core right now. I have signed out and back in on each core as a test also. We can do any testing you would like. I have my Ryzen7300 Core up and running right now and the NUC core is not running. The account is [email removed] for this core. I can bring up and sign into the other core with my AudioConsultants account if you want it up and running.

Hello @Bob_Fairbairn1, have you seen the error again over the past few days?

No I have not. I was running on the Ryzen machine and I switched over to my i7NUC core yesterday and did not see it there either. Did you folks change something on the back-end?

Hello @Bob_Fairbairn1, we haven’t made any changes for this issue over here but I am gathering information for our team about it, could you please provide the following?

  1. Is this your only core?
  2. What’s the model of your router?

I normally run one of two cores. A Ryzen 7300 based one and a i7 NUC based one. The OS on the Cores is Gentoo Player.

My network gear is a Ubiquity USG Pro.

Thanks @Bob_Fairbairn1, I’ve updated our QA team with your information. Please let me know if the issue returns.

I moved over to my NUC based Core today and the problem is back.

Hello @Bob_Fairbairn1, sorry to hear that. Do you have VOIP installed anywhere? If you reboot again does the error return? I’d like to collect diagnostics next time you see the error, could you please reply to this thread with a timestamp next time you see it?

No VOIP on my network. I am running Ubiquity core network If you need some logs from my network I should be able to get them.

Hello @Bob_Fairbairn1, and thanks for the update! I’ll enable diagnostics for your account and show them to the team.


I am back to working with my Roon server after I finished the testing of the A500 system. I am still getting the error message. I searched a bit but found nothing.



I have re-imaged my main Roon Server using Euphony-OS. I have rebuilt the database from scratch and the music is now stored on an internal drive.

The metadata improver error has not happened again.


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