Another roon server in my home


I want to add another laptop in my home, precisely I want to put in my bedroom for exclusively headphone listening:


I use 100% tidal songs in roon i dont need a phisical library on this new laptop.

In my case i must leave turn on the main Laptop (living room) and install a client in the bedroom.

But i want to avoid To leave turn on the laptop in the living room.

There are solutions for a case like mine? Need to buy another full price licence? Two databases will interferer with each other?

No, yes, and yes.

Roon or at least Roon Server, where ever that is, needs to be on to access Roon on an endpoint, via Roon Bridge or another instantiation of the complete Roon package.

There can only be one Roon acting as core at any one time.

It’s a real PITA, but you could backup your Roon library, bring Roon up on your laptop, make that the core, and then restore the backup you just made. A few people do that so they can play at home and at work, but it seems like a real bother.

As you are using Tidal only on the bedroom laptop, your can just install Roon and activate Tidal – your Tidal favourites will be carried over automatically.

The new install will ask you to unauthorise the other install – you can safely do this, as many times as you want. Same goes for starting Roon on the other laptop the next day: unauthorise the bedroom server and off you go. The two installs/databases can peacefully coexist this way.

That – or buy that second license and never bother with authorising again. :smiley:

In the case you outlined, won’t any tags made on one machine be lost to the other, unless a backup/restore is done?

Yes – as will other metadata edits. But reading the OP, that’s not @RiseFall123’s main concern – I read his message as merely wanting to play Tidal albums in the bedroom setup.

Agreed, just something to mention, since OP seems to be new to the ways of Roon.

(Off-topic: I still don’t understand how to quote in this forum)

About the Tidal is sure that will be a mess and the solutions here are too much complicate to put in practice for an everyday use.

So, I think that I will leave the server where it is and I will remotely turn off it (at night, from the bedroom :slight_smile: ), even if I don’t like this too much.

About buying two licence for that… not… also because like it’s said here, there will be problems with tags.

BTW in the bedroom, I don’t need Roon and all its features, I could be happy with Tidal alone, the issue is that I strongly like how Roon works with my Dac so I like it as player.

  1. there is a way to use the audio technology of Roon alone (without all the database features) and link it to Tidal (crazy question but never say never)

  2. somebody here could advice me a solution to have a good listening experience with my Senn HD650, Tidal and iPhone leaving Roon only i my living room (I mean not using Roon at all in that room)?

To be clear, if you don’t care about tags or other metadata in your bedroom (and it seems you probably don’t) then @RBM’s advice is the advice to follow.

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If you are using Tidal only … you probably don’t need Roon.
If you can manage with the Tidal GUI just go with it unless you need Roon’s DSP etc.

It’s a little tricky to do this two times in a day but maybe not so much.

About the quote it works on ipad but on w10 maybe not…

Tidal dosent come with a remote for its app for windows. I could use iphone as source in that case.

If this is a Windows machine, you set up a task in Windows Task Manager to automatically shut machine down at a specified time.

If you’re running on a Mac, you can accomplish the same at System Preferences–>Energy Saver–>Schedule.

I didnt think about that, thanks for the idea!

That’s not correct, whilst not typical outside of development / alpha testing… it perfectly possible to have more that one independent Roon Core running on the same network.

When the Roon remotes are launched they prompt for which Roon Core to connect to.

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Have you considered setting up an always on NUC (hidden away somewhere) to run the Roon Core and house your music library, then use the two laptops as independent Roon Remotes / Endpoints?

I should have been clearer and said, “simultaneously on only one license”.:sunglasses:

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Sure i always avoided to have a server always on for using roon but i will consider also this (that is the most natural way).

A fanless pc running ROCK next to your router is the way to go.

If it’s next to the router (e.g. in the meter cupboard), it doesn’t need to be fanless, surely? A standard Intel NUC would be perfectly good. I had this configuration originally. The only reason I transplanted the NUC motherboard into a fanless case, and placed the NUC in the living room, was so that I could feed multichannel audio via HDMI directly into my AVR for surround sound

Yep it needn’t be fanless. But since it will be out of sight and out of mind, it’s best to keep it low maintenance so that you won’t need to check on it.