Answer to earlier post, ‘RAATServer.exe not launching on clean install of Roon Build 952’. . .

The earlier thread ( has been closed, but I wanted to make mention of the solution, in case anyone else experiences similar issues.

I should point out that everything – OS, Roon, ASIO4ALL, &c – is up-to-date. I did, subsequent to resolving this issue, have some issues with ASIO4ALL, but have managed to get them sussed out.

I’m using Bitdefender, both AV and VPN. It turns out that the issue that made it impossible for RAATServer.exe to launch, thereby making it likewise impossible to configure anything other than the Roon Tested AirPlay audio output, was Bitdefender’s VPN. Turning it off made it possible to install and add Roon Ready audio outputs (e.g., ASIO4ALL v2). Similarly, turning it back on when running Roon will eventually cause Roon to stop streaming.

This is obviously an issue with my VPN and I will broach it with Bitdefender support to try to find a resolution, because not being able to use VPN kinda defeats the point of, you know, having VPN.

This is a new issue for me, within the past week or so. I had previously had no issues with Bitdefender conflicting with RAATServer.exe.

I hope this is will help others who might experience similar issues.

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I have made a support request with Bitdefender regarding this issued.

If/when I hear back, I will post the information here.

On advice from Bitdefender, I uninstalled and then reinstalled Bitdefender’s VPN, which seems (mostly) to have done the trick.

There are still moments (that seem linked to my browser usage, although I have yet to be able to determine that with certainty) when Roon hangs, presenting no option to play (No Audio Devices Found [and whatever appears below that]).

In those instances, terminating RATTServer.exe will return Roon to the preferred output device (ASIO).

I’m not entirely sure why this happens, but it has happened consistently for 10 days, now, so I feel comfortable in saying the issue has been resolved.

At this point, it does seem as though the issue has been resolved.