Anthem AVR & Volume Control

I’m in my trial period and working through the setup. My path is my PC > microRendu > USB to SPDIF converter > Anthem MRX 740 (av receiver). My intention is that the receiver controls the volume which it does, but the volume level is very low, when compared to my TV level. I’m guessing the issue is that Roon doesn’t recognize my Anthem receiver. I’ve tried setting the volume to fixed as well as having it set by my device, in which case Roon is not allowing my inputs to be changed from 0. Hoping I can get some guidance.

Hello Peter, welcome to the Roon community forum.

I’m not familiar with Anthem AVRs but my Denon AVR has input level adjustment control. I was able to get the volume levels fairly even for my NUC to Dac with Ethernet connection and 7.1 analog inputs to the receiver. Currently I only use HDMI inputs besides the 7.1 RCA analog inputs. Don’t know if the different connection types require adjustments for level matching. Something to experiment with if the option is there.

Mike - thanks for responding. The input level trim was the first thing I tried. I moved it up 5 dB (1/2 way between O dB adjustment and the max. I got a little increase but not what I expected. I’m still very new to Roon and I realize this is a stupid question: Should I have Roon set at Fixed Volume?

I’m coming from J River, where I always needed to make sure the J River volume was set at 100%. I’m feeling like that is the issue here.

Not a stupid question at all, I don’t have it figured out yet.

The connection from NUC to Denon over HDMI is set to fixed volume so that is 100%. The NUC to DAC to Denon connection is set to device volume but the device volume is all the way up and the overall volume is controlled by the receiver. My take is anything connected to a receiver should be at 100% volume but I don’t know if that is correct.

That’s helpful Mike. I think I need someone from Roon to step in here. My path again is PC > microRendu > USB to SPDIF converter > Anthem AVR. I have the microRendu set at Fixed Volume but my AVR is not being recognized so I can’t set device volume. I’m thinking that’s the issue but, again, I’m brand new to Roon so really don’t know…