Anthem STR ARC lowers volume a lot

I love ARC and it’s made a huge difference. However, it also considerably lowered the volume. I thought, using the Pro mode, that I raised everything back to 0db to avoid this but I guess i did something wrong. Anyone have any experience in how to avoid this?

Basically, when I turn ARC on/off, I don’t want it to apply volume changes… It’s impossible to a/b test when that happens.

I understand there might be a “perceived” change, but this is way more than just perception.

The volume decrease is deliberate to allow headroom for the digital room correction to occur. The same thing happens with Dirac Live. If the levels are not reduced by some level, there will be clipping. It does make it more difficult to A/B such systems, but some reduction must occur. I have found after years of using Dirac Live the loss of volume is well worth it.

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