Antipodes DS Server: Full hard drive, failed update [resolved]


I’ve been away on holiday and only just now updated to Roon Build 234. I’ve carried out the update, but now Roon just sits in limbo (screenshot below) and never goes by the Roon Logo (has been like this for 2 full days now).

Roon Core is on Antipodes DS Server, but waiting for them to answer my emails (only just sent today).

Been away on holiday for 5 weeks so was really looking forward to hear the new 234 build, but alas can’t get it to work for me.


Hi @Celts88 ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us, both are appreciated. My apologies for the troubles.

I just went to grab the provided logs and it looks like the link is not available. Can you please provide a new link and we’ll see if we can determine what might’ve happened here.


Logs received. Thank you for the resupply, @Celts88 !


I’ve found the Antipododes people very responsive. Remember that they’re in New Zealand, so the time zone may mean they’ve been asleep (literally).


Antipodes Support got in touch with me and advised reinstalling RoonServer on my DS Server.

New Database installed now and everything seems to be working ok.

One thing I am missing is my previous Bookmarks & Favourites. Is there a specific file in the back-up’s that store the info for these (also History would be handy, but not a biggy if not available).

Appreciate all the time you put into my issue, and now the database is completed re-building I could try swapping over to my old DB to see if all ok now - or do you think this is a bad idea?



Yes, Tony got in touch and set-up a Teamviewer session.

It appears for some reason Plex had loaded lots of file info into my root and was clogging things up. Plex files deleted and seems to have cleared up the issue. Only problem had to reinstall roonserver and now don’t have my previous Bookmarks & Favourites (Bookmarks was great for select music files playback).


To clarify briefly, as @Celts88 said Plex Media Server had unsociably loaded 18Gb into a 30Gb partition where the 8Gb Roon database also resided. When Roon tried to rebuild the database as part of the Build 234 upgrade this resulted:

As John had a database backup the decision was made to delete/re-install Roon Server.

Do you have a backup from before this all happened?

If so, you should be able to restore it without issue, but you need to restore the whole backup – this can’t be done piecemeal.

Also, thanks @Tony_Devitt for the explanation here!

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Problem has resurfaced, don’t know why?


The dreaded Roon Logo Limbo has returned.

See attached current Roon Logs

  1. /storage/music/Shane’s HD/Warren/iTunes/Various Artists/Funky Divas/1-01 Thank You.m4a
  2. /storage/music/Shane’s HD/Warren/iTunes/Various Artists/Soul Weekender/18 Can You Handle It.m4a

Deleted the above files from my Watched Music Folder and now working again

Can you PM me a Dropbox link to those files? We can take a look.


PM sent for Dropbox link to both Music Files