Antipodes S30 ssd experience and further evaluation of the S20/30/60 combo

Finally upgraded my older Edge to a new S30 but this part left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.

I had approx 1.5tb of music on the SSD that was in the Edge so removed it and fitted it inside the S30.
Powered up and went to the Storage manager page to add this to the S30 storage location.

To be greeted with…this can only be mounted by WIPING IT CLEAN!!

Say what?
Are you serious Antipodes??

So the only way to add this SSD to the S30 is to flipping delete everything on it?

That makes no sense to me but…

I guess I have to ask if that would be normal practice when adding a SSD to any other os?

To say I was peeved is an understatement!

W.T.F were they thinking, surely many people will upgrade and take a rather expensive disks with them.

Imagine if you hadn’t read that and ploughed straight ahead :scream_cat:
At least I know that you have backups :innocent:

Hopefully the experience gets better from there

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Glad to see the investment is being an unqualified success so far…smirk.


Ged don’t be like that, he had too sell 2 motorcycles, a car and half a dozen guitars to pay for that setup.

That was just the down payment :flushed:


It’s a strange experience tbh, I can’t imagine one would have to do that a win10 machine or a nuc running ROCK.
Very strange…

Oh yes backed up in many locations and now just wasting my time to DL it all over again over the network.

The main point is that this just sounds wrong.

Actually only 1 motorcycle :wink:


I don’t think I even need to say it…

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Oh yes I agree. I have moved my storage between 3 Nucs in testing and Roon has breezed through them all no issue.

We can never have too many backups, even if they can be a pain to restore

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But it was a really nice one :joy:


There is no doubt that it is MUCH faster, it’s crunching through the analysis as fast as the network can dl a full album and I only have it on fast(1core).

And the case is stone cold

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Sorry, you’re having to go through that.

Adding a drive of music to my two Bryston digital players is always challenging. One of my Bryston drives is full of music, but on one of the players it only shows the SACD folder after a recent firmware upgrade. I also have them linked to an NAS, so I can get to the music that way. Bryston is going to update the OS soon, so I’ll just live with it for now. My Aurender servers load easy, and always work great. I can add music from my computer to the Aurender internal drives manually over the ethernet. Only issue for Roon users is Aurender is not RAAT ready, only useable in Roon via AIRPLAY.

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If you did the obscenity filters would bowdlerise it anyway.


I imagine it’s just not compatible and needs reformatting to a different format or they have some special source they need to install on it that makes it more special.

No, you can move a nonOS windows drive between different windows computers. Do it all the time.

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But that’s what I have a bit of an issue with.
It came straight out of an existing Antipodes unit that was using the exact same software so I am shocked it did not recognize it as being already Antipodes formatted?

Anyways damage is done and it’s downloading over the network now and off for a steak dinner with Mrs.Rimmer .


Finally got the complete stack of S60 power supply, S30 server and S20 reclocker connected up in it’s final location and playing nice together.
Fortunately the i2s pin out from the S20 into the Matrix was good to go with a standard HDMI cable.

Now the golden question… Does it sound better than the old Edge server?

I have to say yes, not sure exactly what the S20 maybe doing but it definitely has more life and energy than just using the Matrix as a Roon Ready endpoint.

Or it could be a serious case of expectation bias😉

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Glad too see you are up and running at last.
I imagine they recommend a long run in time, so it will be good to see how that progresses.

For now of course just enjoy the music :+1:

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quote=“AceRimmer, post:15, topic:205663”]
I will probably just keep using my Edge until forced to change it.

that didn’t last long. :wink:

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Why didnt you just wait and save for the k50 and have one box, its not far off the price when you add on all the bits like you have.

I hardly ever buy anything at even close to MSRP :sunglasses:
Trust me I could tell you what I paid but you probably won’t believe me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: