Any benefit to adding master clock to dCS Network Bridge with Devialet?

I’m thinking of replacing the dCS Network Bridge in my system with the Vivaldi upsampler. Do you think this would be a step in the right direction in terms of sound quality?

I’m thinking of replacing the dCS Network Bridge in my system with the Vivaldi upsampler. Do you think this would be a step in the right direction in terms of sound quality? Somebody said that it would work better

Lots of “somebody said” in this thread… trust your own ears!

Personally, I don’t know why you need to add anything to a Devialet Pro system. It’s already “Roon Ready”, and has the purest signal path.

The Devialet contains its own ADC/DAC chain, this is always active and not by-passable. Which ever input you use, S/PDIF, AES-EU, analog, USB, etc, the first thing that happens is the input will be re-sampled/digitised by the Devialet input circuits… and processed within the amp. This is the “devialet way”.

That means, whatever you do to the signal before presenting it to the Devialet is largely insignificant. One could even go as far as to say, a waste of money.

If you are not happy with the “Devialet sound”, then find something else. Band-aiding a $25k box is not the right direction, especially given the way it works. Keep it simple, reduce box count, accept it for what it is, or swap it out.

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I dont know if you are a member of Devialet chat but on that forum you will find many Devialet owners and lots of threads regarding using different inputs and also lots of talk regarding the problems Devialet have with Roon RAAT.

I sold my 440Pro before the Ci upgrade so I cant coment on using LAN input as I only used AES in my setup.

Right… interesting perspective

The original question was about adding a clock and @AMP answered it. The new question about wiring is very different. Clearly the poster is not very technical and what they are asking is about wired connections, and USB is a fluke in that question.

I assumed that the network bridge could connect to the network via wifi but I guess this is not possible? I have a dCS Rossini which connects over ethernet as there’s no wifi module in it.

No that doesn’t make any sense. The Vivaldi upsampler only makes sense paired with the Vivaldi DAC. If you were to get a Vivaldi Upsampler + DAC, then that would make sense.

However, as detailed by @mikeb , since the Devialet does all sorts of molesting to the signal that comes in, frankly, if you’re not happy with the sound, your problem is the Devialet itself. I also agree that using the internal RoonReady feature makes the most sense, everything else is “equalizing” the signal and a waste of money. Again, maybe the Devialet sound is what you’re dissatisfied with.

I would not say that I’m dissatisfied with the Devialet sound; In fact I think it sounds quite nice. It’s just that you’re looking for that extra improvement.That’s where the problem comes in with the Devialet: It is a one box solution which is totally inflexible. Cannot add an external dac to it, it lends its sonic signature to any source that you connect it to. In that way, yes I do have a problem with the Devialet. It was very expensive around $30,000 so replacing it is going to be just as much, or perhaps more

You could try playing with some room correction; its free, and the results can be very impressive.

$30k? And you’re thinking of a Vivaldi Upsampler at $21k? That doesn’t make any sense at all my friend.

If one goes for an Ayre KX-R and MX-R mono blocks then you’re looking upwards of 50 grand

That fortunately has been very well taken care of, the room is just about perfect for listening. Vicoustics and Artnovion panels With the bass traps all around

Well, in that case, perhaps you should take up fishing? :rofl:

True :blush: maybe I should


A few pics for you, since you talked about room treatment and acoustics

Good question, perhaps when you don’t have money left for other things that are important :blush:

That’s a better way of putting it

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I imagine you arehappier with your TAD gear Devialet; probably because of the flexibility a separate system gives you

Interesting. So much work done for acoustic treatment of the room and in front of the sitting position there is a GLASS table, which is a perfect reflector! :man_facepalming:

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