Any Fairy Dust for TIDAL Albums?

I added to my library “Mahler’s Complete Symphonies conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.” It arrived ill-tagged but IDed at the album level. Problems included:

  • It arrived as one 14-hour disc
  • None of the symphonies were linked/IDed. As anyone reading knows, unlinked works or albums in a library of any size will quickly “disappear”. And ironically, I had added to aid in the linking of my existing Mahler stuff. Joke’s on me.
  • Symphony 2 was poorly formatted
  • Symphony 5 was divided into three parts
  • Symphony 7 was divided into four parts
  • Symphony 8’s common title (“The Symphony of a Thousand”) appears on each PART instead of once in the WORK name.

I’d guess this represents about 30 minutes of editing time using Roon edits.

I don’t imagine there is anything constructive to be done. I just wanted to document an aspect of TIDAL’s product quality.

You could download the CD-quality recording from presto classical for USD24.75. (I may do this myself.)

You could apply the Rovi metadata for this set. Identification Wizard search terms are Simon Rattle and Mahler: Complete Symphonies.

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Yes, just got the same thing (thanks for the pointer, JohnV). The second of the 2, with 74 not-matching tracks, is called “Digital Download Release” from Warner Classics; that is what I have (the download part). And it’s not obvious why Roon thinks there are mismatches, in that I looked at Symphony 10 and found it matches what’s available at AllMusic and Discogs.