Any good handheld/mobile solution?

I’m interested in taking my Roon on the go. I’m guessing the Astell & Kern walkman type of devices can’t connect to Roon remotely but just use an SD card. Is there anything that could run Roon on the go nicely? Maybe a handheld PC, like the GPD Win?

Has anyone here come up with a solution for this?

A smartphone would do nicely.

It would, but there’s no way to use my smartphone to connect to a Roon server remotely. Any solution come to mind?

A minimum spec (i3, 4gb, 128gb) Microsoft Surface Pro would do the job. I don’t know if these have a SIM built in so you’d need to get creative for internet on the move but it should get the job done for the price of a half decent mobile phone.

Remote access appears to be on the roadmap: Roon mobile: remote streaming outside of the home [On Roadmap - Scheduled]

And has been for the last six years. Don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

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“Remote” is on the roadmap but not what sort of remote that means. It doesn’t say portable.

Not Roon yet, however Plex Media Server and Plexamp work quite well, and even integrate Tidal, though not Qobuz.

The Roon team has added ‘[On Roadmap - Scheduled]’ to the topic indicating that they will work on it (as described in the blog on the new voting system.)

Do you know if there’s a way to sync my Roon activity with Plex? Elf or example my playlists, or my loved tracks? I could settle with using Plex for usage on the go, but I really wish they didn’t have completely separate playlists and likes.

True but as others mentioned there’s no way to tell if it’ll take years or even where it is in the priority. I’m trying to find current solutions.

OK, fair enough.
As far as I know there are 2 current solutions on the forum:

  1. copy your database to the device
  2. using a vpn connection.
    I tried the latter but it was difficult and I didn’t succeed.

Not that I know of. I think there is an old plugin for playlist export (WebTools) in Plex, but have no idea if it still works. Playlist export in Roon is .xls only, and is pretty flakey.

That’d never fit in my pocket, or my hand though!

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