Any Handheld Remote Control for Nucleus?

Hi, I currently use a Roon Nucleus to stream Tidal to a Sonore Microrendu, which is connected via a USB cable to a Chord Dave DAC. I control the Nucleus using the Roon App on my iPhone and I control the Chord Dave using the Chord handheld remote control. However, is there a universal remote control which can control both the Nucleus and Chord Dave at the same time? Or even just a simple handheld remote to control the Nucleus for skipping tracks? I prefer not to have to unlock my iPhone every time I want to skip tracks, and a conventional handheld remote control for the Nucleus would be more convenient. Thank you.

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Well, it’s not a very affordable option, but you could get a Control4 system which now has a driver for the Nucleus. You’re probably looking at a grand for something like the EA-1 with an SR-260 Remote.

I realize that this thread is a couple of years old but I’ve been wondering the same thing as the OP.

I think it would be great if Roon were to come out with a small handheld remote for their Nucleus users with only two functions: Pause and Advance (to the Next Track). It would be so convenient not to have to mess with the iPad when the phone rings or other interruptions occur.

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A raspberry pi with or OSMC remote and could do this. I use something like this with the OSMC remote for my wife to reduce volume or pause sound when she needs to take a call while I play through my lumin d1.

I appreciate your input but I’m digitally challenged and bought a Nucleus because I want to keep things simple. I have no idea what any of those things you mentioned are. :confused:

In that case the answer is no.
Unless you want to get an endpoint that has a remote control, that would only control the individual zone not the server.

Ged is right I am afraid - unless you can find a tech minded friend or family member to assist I guess a Rip is out for you. but it might be fun for you try for about <$125 not too much to lose.

My Oppo UDP-205 remote controls Roon if I use as as an endpoint over WiFi (no DSD upsampling). If I use the USB connection (for DSD upsampling), the remote doesn’t work. If your endpoint is a Roon Ready device, there may be a workaround like the Oppo.

If you don’t mind a little DIY take a look at the YIO remote, it has roon support.

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Harmony Hub with the Deep Harmony Roon extension can do you what you want to a certain degree. You can configure it to use certain buttons to control the volume and input on DAC,amp, actives as long as they support ir. Play controls can control Roon directly . You can set a macro to control it all easily. What it won’t do is power off the nucleus but nothing other than the Webui can do that.

I use it in my dining room setup with some actives.

you can always hit the api to power it off: http://host_or_ip/1/poweroff

Hi Danny, any chance of such a device becoming a reality in the future?

I’d love to do it, but we’ve had trouble figuring out how to do it inexpensively… that YIO remote above is so nice, but you can get a iPad Mini for significantly less cost :sob:

i have an rpi + griffen powermate setup, which approaches the right cost, but still isn’t there. You really want this to be $99 retail, with a reasonable profit margin for the manufacturer.

You also need it to be wireless.

I was thinking some microcontroller w/ Zigbee (BLE is so bad and WiFi is so hungry), but then you need a second half (the Zigbee basestation/hub), which increases the cost. Blah. The best remotes I’ve used are all Zigbee and those manufacturers that have gone Zigbee -> BLE seem to have regretted the results.

I understand. I’ll just keep using my iPad to pause the music.

Having the tablet or smartphone (iPad and iPhone in my case) show Roon controls on the lock screen would ease demand for this sort of thing, wouldn’t it? I know this has been a feature request in the past but don’t know how difficult it would be to implement.

For the record I would happily pay £300 for a remote similar to the one above made from metal and with an OLED screen.

I have YIO remote on order and will post more photos and my experience with it when it arrives but first party is my preference.

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The problem with extensions is there is currently no way to run on rock or nucleus cores…a pretty serious oversight if you ask me if your using roon’s OS’s and even hardware it can’t support it’s own extension feature.


Really? My core is on windows 10 luckily.

The main extension I run is the Alarm one but I can run that on Ropieee endpoints that I have, and the Remote Display that is also on Ropieee so I am good. I used to run Windows 10 with Node and JS whatever it was but it was a pain every time it broke. I really dont know why there isn’t a Nucleus/ROCK solution yet but its a long time coming coming coming.

I wondered if you could use an ipod touch (£199) using the guided access mode? It even comes in different colours for different zones!