Any idea how long updating the database should take?

I’ve had the “updating database” message for a little over three hours now. I’m in no hurry, just wondering if this is normal.

I have a large library, it took about a day and a half to do the original library import. Is it doing this all over again or merely updating unidentified albums?

I have about 2,000 albums and it only took about 15 minutes.

Cheers, Greg

Mine is still going after probably 4 1/2 hours. Im just going to let it run overnight and see what happens.

Started the 1.1 update first on the Roon Core Windows 10 PC then a few minutes later also on my laptop running Roon Remote.
Update now been running for approx 1 hour.

Is there a problem running the two updates simultaneously?

Roon Core Win 10 update been running for 4,5 hours now, CPU load between 0 - 0.8%, hardly any diskload from the Roon update.

Checked it first thing this morning and Roon had crashed. Rebooted and got the same “updating databases” message at first but after a minute or so, my overview page came up. Now it is rescanning all my files for metadata.

So far, so good.

FYI Mine only took the time it took to make breakfast. Then it was up, running and I was editing.

Against firm advice I decided to terminate the 1.1 update. Restarted and all is well saying I’ve got the 1.1 (Build 51) release … :smile:

5.453 Albums… 12 Minutes.

I think the answer must be: it depends :wink:

FWIW, I am running on a 2011 MacMini (2.5GHz i5, 8GB RAM) - 5,500 albums took almost an hour.

[quote=“Bridgeless, post:1, topic:3207”]
I have a large library, it took about a day and a half to do the original library import.
Could you quantify large?
Same goes to others that post without specifying, it’s the only way to help make comparisons.

284,000 songs, maybe 16,000 albums? I’m not at home so I can’t give exact numbers.

When I left the house, the “rescanning your files for metadata” process was about an hour an a half in, and had rescanned 28,000 files.

I expect that at this rate it will be tomorrow before I am truly able to use Roon and see what impact the changes have made. I’m fine with that, as few programs have been able to handle my collection at all, let alone well. Roon is by far the clear winner at this point.

I did notice that I still have some albums that are missing tracks. This is a problem I had noticed in the last version but didn’t bother to report as I have seen others report the same issue and 1.1 is supposed to fix it. Hoping it does, I will let the rescan complete in full before making an assessment on this.

With all the new features and a library like that, you have a lifetime hobby ahead of you if you want to groom it. I think it will be worth your wait.

I’ve been working on it for years now, obviously, and my wife often jokes about it being the project that will never end.

About half of that is bootlegs and live recordings that are unidentifiable, so the basic tags I already have in place will have to suffice. So maybe only half a lifetime?

7253 albums, around an hour I think, no issues.

Is the OP talking about the background scan or the time to populate the data base?

My original post was referring to the database update, which seemed to be stuck but in reality just took a long time.

The “rescanning files” process is still not even to the halfway point for me, but I have realized that this process doesn’t seem to be re-identifying files, I guess it is only dealing with my genre tags and artwork - which is exactly what it says it is doing, lol. So Roon is at least usable during this process.

The time varies quite a bit based on:

  • Library size
  • Hardware performance
  • SSD vs spinning disc
  • Mac vs PC
  • Windows version (newer is consistently better for I/O performance)

Macs are a good deal slower at this kind of thing than PCs. Running the Roon database on a spinning disk makes the process take as much as 5-10x longer. SSDs and flash storage are an enabling technology for products like Roon.

The longest test that I run regularly takes 18 minutes to update a database of 220k tracks on a ~3yr old windows machine (ivy bridge i7, ssd, windows 8.1). The other test that I’ve run a few dozen times, 50k tracks on a ~2yr old macbook pro (i7, ssd), takes about 8mins.

There are some optimization techniques that we can use to speed this process up considerably, but they rely on temporarily using large amounts of RAM during the update. We briefly released a faster version of the process to alpha testers and pulled it back because it was not stable or reliable for people with large collections. Once we have 64 bit builds up and running, we will try turning it back on.