Any issue with Roon after updating to Win10 update 1703 (Creators Update)?

I am running latest Roon Core and Remote on Win10 with Intel HDGraphics. Had a lot of problems in the last months with Windows updates, but none with the last few distributed in May. I now see that the important update 1703 (Creators Update) has been downloaded on my machine, but currently Windows does not seem to want to force the install and (kindly!) lets me postpone it, even when executing a shutdown/reboot.

I just wanted to see if Roon support has run some tests to verify the compatibility of the current Roon version with the Win10 1703 update ? Is it safe to let it be installed, or would you advise to postpone it a little longer ?
Thanks for your help

FWIW I have been running Roon on a Win10 box (Intel HD530 Graphics) with the 1703 Creators update for a couple of weeks with no issues. Roon 1.3 (build 233) applied last night, no problems encountered, however may be premature as I have not used extensively since the update.


Same here, Creators a few Weeks ago, Roon a few Hours ago, no Problems. The Update itself (Windows) is a pain in the Back in Terms of usability but that’s another topic.

I’ve been running the Creators Update for about a week without any confirmed issues.

I have experienced some recurrence of a glitch where Play stalls before the end of a track and Roon Radio won’t play the next selection. This seems to be limited to my HQ Player Zone and resolves temporarily by reinstalling HQ Player. Because it occurred prior to the Creators Update I don’t think it is exclusively associated with the update.

I ran the Creators Update until I went to ROCK last week. There were no issues sticking with existing drivers. The update enables the new Windows generic class 2 audio driver and this is where we might expect to see issues with some DACs. But you are OK if you stick with the existing drivers.
The downside of all of this is probably that development of product specific drivers will stop?