Any MHDT Orchid users here?

Thinking of upgrade from my Oppo 105 to a Orchid. Never had a tube component and it looks like a great DAC. Any thoughts?

Also are the MHDT DAC’s Roon tested?

Works fine. What can I tell you that would be useful?

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@Henry_Stirman. Thanks. I’m planning on using the Orchid mostly for streaming rock/blues and jazz. I’m not sure what your listening habits are bur do you think the Orchid provides enough “punch”? Also have done any rolling yet? If so what are your favorite tubes.


Its a very good dac. I don’t have many contemporary comparisons. Mostly I listen to vinyl and then about 30% streaming.

I’d say it is more on the natural and laid back side of things, which is what I prefer. There are plenty of dacs that sound more forward.

I haven’t tried any other tubes.

Mostly I listen to classical, jazz, and then most everything else.