Any Roon and Dynaudio Xeo 20 users

I know the Xeo 20 are not Roon Ready but was wondering if any one is using them in their Roon setup and if so how your connecting Roon up to them. Thinking about changing over to active and I am interested more in these than the Kefs and others are out of my range.

I have a pair of Dynaudio XD20s connected coax to RPi and Allo DigiOne transport Ethernet to MacBook running Roon.

I also listened to the Xeo 20s. Preferred them to the KEF LS50s, which are Roon Ready. Not sure you’d go wrong with any of these. I’m a fan of actives having listened to several alternatives including Dynaudio Special 40s with Naim Uniti Atom.

Shame the Dynaudio aren’t Roon Ready to control volume directly. I’ve asked Dynaudio and they were pretty clear this isn’t happening. Nor do they intend upgrading the Connect to Roon Ready, which would be a good solution although it only connects to the speakers wirelessly.

My setup sounds wonderful. Resolves so much detail with good bass. I listen mostly to vocal of all types. The voices are as close to live as I’ve heard in my price range.

But the SQ is less good than in the dealer‘s demo room. I’ve just started REW room correction but my efforts so far make matters worse! Work in progress…

I ditched the active route and changed my speakers to ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures very happy now.

I’ve built a Roon extension that allows you to add volume control to Dynaudio Connect:

It does require a bit of tinkering, and an extra device to run it from (e.g. your Core or a Raspberry Pi), but it works quite well for me.

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@naepflin Thank you. I had seen this but don’t currently use the Connect. If I do, I’ll certainly work with your plugin.

Funny. I auditioned them too but preferred the actives. All our ears are different. Enjoy!


I want to use Roon mostly for the SQ and also the ability to use Tidal via my phone. Tidal is great sounding but has a terrible user experience in its app. My source will be Mac Mini connected to Xeo 20 via digital optical. Any users of Roon here on how to do volume control using the Roon app? Does that work?