Any Suggestions for a compact All-In-One RAAT (DIY also accepted)

Looking for suggestions for a compact RAAT endpoint for whole house audio. I basically need to replace (for the purpose of audio) Google Home/Mini in some rooms to allow for grouping with main systems.

A very good compact Roon Ready speaker: Not cheap.

Bluesound devices Roon Ready, High Res, MQA if you want it, perfect sync and great sound…

I’ve been very happy with the Formation Flex from Bowers & Wilkins…

ELAC Discovery Z3 - very pleased with the sound. Compact Stereo with good bass and highs.

RAAT with 24/192. LAN socket, Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify enabled.

WIFI reception not too strong.

I was going to mention the Elac Z3 but I see that @TFT has already.

Adding to that post, had an occasional drop with WiFI but they work perfectly with Ethernet. I have 2 now, the first was 499.99, got the 2nd one for Christmas, on sale for 299.00.

You’ll need to use the Z3 app to apply the first firmware upgrade before it is recognized as Roon Ready but after that you can do all device configuration through the Roon interface, including firmware upgrades.